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Welcome at; we design and produce high quality, Huma air pressure regulators for tuning brand specific airrifles and pcp airguns.

We only use the best materials available to guaranty top quality Huma regulators with less then 1% pressure fluctuation!
The materials we use are a mixture of high grade aircraft aluminium, aluminum-bronze and Chrome-moly steel.
All our regulators are equipped with precision belleville springs for critical applications to guaranty smooth operation.

Customers outside the European Union: 
  • All regulators are being sent with the customs description: "pneumatic parts"
  • We ship world wide with track and trace (if available)‚Äč
We charge no sendingcosts within the mainland of the European Union

On our website you can find general information about the function and bennefits of a pcp-regulator.
In the shop we have listed the available designs and models.
In the fitting guide section we have several instructions of fitting a regulator into your airrifle.

As we share the same hobby, we are always pleased to help you out with any questions so feel free to contact us



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