Huma-Air Regulator for Bottled rifles Bottle regulator Bottle Tuning regulator
Huma-Air Regulator for Bottled rifles Bottle regulator Bottle Tuning regulator
400-500 CC Bottle Regulator
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Huma-Air external pressure regulator for several models of airrifles with a 400 or 500 CC bottle in front of the rifle with M18x1,5 threads.
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Huma-Air External Tuning Regulator For Bottled Version Rifles.

This External PCP Regulator build by Huma-Air is specialy designed for several air rifles with a pressure bottle at front of the rifle with M18x1,5 threads like the Brocock Bantam, Daystate,, Hatsan Bullmaster.

The regulator will reduce the outgoing pressure of your rifle's pressure bottle according to your settings and this will result in a constant pelletspeed and better groups.
It is equipped with a pressure gauge what will indicate the fill pressure of the bottle and a foster male connection to fill the rifle. The position of the gauge and and foster can be chosen left or right and they can be aligned stepless into their position so it always looks good on your rifle.

When the regulator is fitted to the rifle you can read the regulator output pressure on your rifles's pressure gauge and the fill pressure will be shown on the regulator gauge.
Pressure can be set by turning the set-screw of the regulator what can be found inside the male treaded part of the regulator. A 5 minutes turn contra clockwise equals to about 7-8 bar pressure increase.
This bottle regulator will be screwed in between the pressure bottle and the action of the rifle. It will ad about 58 mm of lenght. Please note, the male treaded part of you action, what will screw into the regulator can have a maximum length of 28 mm.
(your original rifle's fill connection is replaced by the regulators quick connect foster male fill connection. Do not use the original rifle bottle fill connection anymore)


The benefits of this Huma-Air tuning regulator for your rifle

  • Higher accuracy due to the elimination of the pelletspeed fluctuations
  • The solid stainless steel foster fill connection and pressure gauge can switched over from left to right
  • The position of the foster and pressure gauge can be turned around for 360 degrees. So you aligned it to your own wishes.
  • Under the pressure gauge there is a o-ring what make it posible to line the dialplate up straight for the eye. 
  • It will give you a constant pellet speed over the full working pressure range.
  • It will give you a better shotcount and a full flat shotstring immediately.
  • Adding a regulator to your airrifle will probably give you the biggest benefit in the tuning process.
  • Often the rifle will make less noise due to better balance in air usage.

Pressure settings of the Huma-Air bottle regulator

Your Bottle regulator comes preset on the pressure we have tesed it and it is marked on the packing. You can set the regulator according to your wishes within the pressure range.
The output pressure will be shown on the factory pressure gauge of your airrifle.
The Huma-Air Bottle Regulator regulator comes in a wide pressure range of 60-170 bar output covering sub 12 ft/lbs and FAC models.
For testing and adjusting your regulator we recommend you our simple Testing Tool what makes it very easy to adjust your regulator without the need of emptying your pressure bottle with every adjustment


Important safety notes:

These regulators are not suitable for stand alone pressure bottles/buddy bottles.
The maximum working pressure of this model is 250 Bar.
Do not exceed the factory adviced fill pressure of your rifle.
Do not exchange the original factory bottle for a higher pressure bottle version.
These regulators are not suitable for a CO2 to HPA conversion, because they do not have a safety burst disk.
This regulator cannot be used as a replacement regulator for factory regulators equipped with a safety burst disk (like paintball regs or RTI priest regulator) as the Huma-Air model does not have a burst disk. When the regulator would malfunction, the full fill pressure of the bottle will be inside the action of the rifle what could be potential very dangerous)



Please note, your rifles output power depends of the available air volume behind the regulator. You need about 12 cc for .22 and 16 cc in .25 for high power rifles. If you are not sure, measure the air channels in the action and we can help you calculate it. We will ad rifles to the list below when we have received information.

  • Hatsan Barriage and Hercules are not suitable for this regulator.
  • For Hatsan rifle's with a removable bottle (bottle with valve) the valve of the bottle needs to be shortened to fit inside the bottle regulator. This means the valve does not functions anymore.


Huma-Air Quality Control

Huma-Air regulators are CNC produced out of high grade aircraft Aluminum and bronze.
To guarantee a perfect product, every regulator is manually assembled, tested and adjusted to the requested pressure. 
We only use high-end materials and our belleville springs are designed for critical applications to achieve the highest repeat accuracy. This gives our regulators a repeat cycle less than 1% difference.


Shipping & payment

We ship worldwide with tracked priority shipping. We ship these pneumatic parts well packed for safe and undamaged arrival in the country of destination. As the purchasing party you are responsible for checking that this product is legal according to your local laws and regulations. We ship on your behalf and therefore Huma Air can not be held responsible for any legal issues in the country of the recipient.

You can pay safely and secure online by means of all major payment providers, like paypal, and credit cards companies.

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Michael white - 01-03-2023 20:18

replaced a lane regulator with huma bottle reg .what a difference my old theoben is on top form again. reset to 85 bar 190 shots from 220 c.c bottle .very very consistent.quality of this reg is top class built beautifully top notch .thanks huma brought my old girl back to life great service.

Michael White - 01-03-2023 13:18

Got it on my Theoban Rapid , bought it to replace a Robert Lane one and it is far superior , all I will say is if sent to UK I’d recommend that they set at about 90bar as it makes the rifle over legal power
Unless like me you have a tool to set it
Excellent product , fast delivery

Tanguy yann - 15-12-2022 12:44

Entreprise de confiance
régulateur reçu rapidement et bien protégé.
Ayant contacté le service technique suite à une mauvaise compréhension de ma part j’ai eu une réponse rapide avec explication par photos et commentaires afin de faire un montage propre sur ma Factor Hatsan.

Miguel flandez - 12-06-2022 22:14

Se debe agregarte este regulador como funcional para el hatsan factor .22 pues instale es te regulador y anda de maravilla .solo de debe acortar la válvula de la botella de nuestro rifle para que ajuste y queda perfecto .muy buen producto

John D'Ambrosio - 31-05-2022 19:20

Customer service is second to NONE

Dave Hearle - 30-03-2022 18:35

Fast delivery even in these post brexit times! Before purchase i contacted the support team for advice,this was recieved with detailed instructions via email. Installation was therefore straightforward with all extra o rings supplied. 5* Huma!!

Gaz connor - 25-12-2021 08:40

Superb! Arrived quicker than expected too.
Stunning workmanship and all fits together perfectly.
Rifle is now everything it should've been from the start.
Thanks HUMA!

Paulo Cardoso - 12-12-2021 22:33

Nice Product! Thanks for the Technical support, great job! The regulator works very good,

Vladimir - 26-05-2021 08:37

The quality is exceptional in every way. Technical support is the world's top.

Scott - 15-05-2021 16:24

Absolutely spot on, very consistent extreme spread of 4fps over 60 shots. I Always buy huma for this reason. Thanks huma 👌🏼👍🏻

Josh - 02-12-2020 10:28

The bottle regulator is spot on and consistent at the set pressure.

Ben Mcardle - 18-10-2020 14:47

This is my follow up review for this reg. I have this installed now on a custom airforce Condor. The setup I had built has a 130cc plenum regulated at 175 bar with a carbon fiber 480cc bottle with a 250bar fill. This is giving me 10 shots with an ES of 2 useing a .257 60gn slug going 880fps producing 103 foot pounds of energy wich is exactly what I was looking for.
The regular work great and will let me shoot long rang with much better consistency. I have been useing Huma for a while now this is my 3rd regulator from huma and wont be my last, great job huma!

Ben Mcardle - 28-09-2020 22:27

I bought this for a custom built condor in 4 calibers I'm currently waiting for a part to get made so I can install it on the rifle. This is the 3 huma regulator I have purchased all of them have work perfect so I'm really looking forward to this one since it will allow me to have a regulated airforce condor with no loss of power. This reg is feeding a custom built 140 cc plenum from a 500cc 250bar bottle I'll post a follow up review in a week or so once the project is completed and tested. Huma for life!!!

Andy Poole - 08-09-2020 10:49

I bought this external regulator for my FAC Theoben, and wow what a difference, after fitting I choreographed a 6 shot string and I got 930 fps, then the next 5 shots all went 932 fps, this is a must for any serious air rifle user.
Very impressed . I also bought one for my R10 and it improved accuracy immensely.

Saludos - 06-06-2020 22:35

Se puede adaptar este regulador al rifle rti Priest 2