Air Arms quickfill set with pressure gauge
Air Arms Quickfill with Pressure Gauge Set
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Quickfill with pressure gauge set for the Air Arms S400/S500 series airrifles. Also fitts the Superlite, Ultimate Sporter and the Air Arms HFT model. Stainless steel quick connect fill probe included

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Quickfill with pressure gauge set for the Air Arms S400/S500 series airrifles.
Also fitts the Superlite, Ultimate Sporter and the Air Arms HFT model.


A popular addition for the Air Arms S400, S410, S500, S510 and many more models that allows you to check the the pressure in the main pressure reservoir when you have a regulator fitted. They are easy to fit yourself, you simply remove your old quickfill or gauge, then screw the new quickfill with pressure gauge into your air cylinder. It replaces the quick fill on your rifle so that you have quick fill and a pressure gauge combined.


The gauge body is made of anodized aluminum in a shiny black color. It has a rotating dust cover over the fill port to keep dirt out, which also protects the pressure gauge when you are using the rifle. There are no parts to remove when filling, simply twist the cover, insert the fillprobe and fill the rifle. A stainless steel, quickfill fillprobe is included.
The large pressure indicator (28 mm) with wide dial scale makes it easy to read the reservoir pressure.
The pressure gauge is sealed with an o-ring under the treads. This o-ring makes it possible to align the gauge perfectly so it will always looks great. There is an extra o-ring supplied what could be used if the alignment with the standard ring is not perfectly.
Just remove the thick standard ring underneath the gauge and replace it for the slightly thinner version.


This is an universal pressure gauge what can be used on several airguns. Never exceed the factory advised fill pressure of your rifle.
No fitting instructions are sent out with the gauges.




When you order this item in combination with a regulator there are no sending costs involved.


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