FX Wildcat MKII Compact: "Tuning With Chuck"

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A great topic on the Airgun Nation Forum started by "Chuck" how he tuned his FX Wildcat MKII Compact: Chuck Peffley is in love with his FX Wildcat .25 and his FX Streamline .25 air rifles. He contacted us here at Huma-Air a couple years ago to see if we would create a regulator to fit in his FX rifles, but at that time we had no intention of doing so. But Chuck kept encouraging us to do so in the belief that his idea would benefit not only him but many other FX Wildcat and Streamline owners also. We finally agreed providing he would take all the measurements from his Wildcat necessary for us to create a prototype and emailed him a line drawing of what data we needed, and the first prototype was a fact.  Chuck was absolutely thrilled with the Wildcat regulator we created for him, so together we made the step to make a model for the Streamline with a matching plenum spacer too. Chuck has been very enthusiastic in telling the whole world about the performance of his FX rifles and the performance of the Huma regulators. He has never asked any kind of sponsorship from us, but he has our heartfelt gratitude for selflessly helping so many others on the AirgunNation forum with his knowledge how to install our regulators in their Wildcats and Streamlines. I truly believe he is a wonderful asset to our airgun community. Here is a quote from a recent post he made regarding his installation of a Huma-Air regulator and tuning of one of the new FX Wildcat MKII Compact air rifles. He tuned the test rifle to achieve the highest shot count possible while retaining its factory specification of 45 foot pounds of energy. Great job Chuck!    "As you can see Ted's gun is tuned to shoot the JSB Exact Kings at 890 ft/s to achieve 45 ft lbs energy for a total shot count of 26 shots. I was able to tune my test gun to shoot the 25.4 Kings at an average...

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Huma-Air Regulator Tester; serious tinkering with your airguns

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Let’s start from the basics – what is the regulator pressure tester? I know most of you know but maybe not everyone. It’s a device, which can measure the actual reduced pressure behind the regulator, so pressure which is in the plenum during shot cycle. And for tuning a PCP – this info is just crucial. Of course most people don’t care and just shoot what they got (and I was doing that for years) but if the access to regulator is easy (and in my EdGuns it is super easy) why not to play a bit and get the most of it?  As you could have noticed I’ve really experimented recently a lot with Huma-Air products in my Matador R5 and Leshiy. In total I was playing with 3 regulators and 3 different plenum setups. For a start - the pressure scale on a brand new Huma-Air regulator is quite accurate. The problem is that constant tinkering with regulator and going too much back and forth with adjustment screw can get pressure scale misaligned with actual regulated pressure. Also when disassembling airgun many times it might happen that a tiny piece of dirt goes where it shouldn’t go and… regulator starts to leak. So the only way to make it working again is strip-down, full cleaning and re-lubing. And putting back together again. The problem is – your regulator won’t be aligned with pressure scale anymore. And you can be sure about it.  And that’s when you need a pressure tester… and that’s when and why I got mine in the end. Of course there are more than just one solution available (some also custom built) but since my airguns run on Huma-Air… well, the logical choice for me was Huma-Air (of course). The good news is – whatever your airgun model is, and whatever Huma-Air reg / plenum combo you use, you just need ONE tester to check all of your units. The tester seals on the front and back of the regulator, so...

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Review: The Daystate Huntsman Regal XL

  Thanks to: Airgun Exploration & Advancement Channel     07/06/2018     Comments (0)

Daystate Huntsman Regal XL Huma-Air Regulated    Watch the full review made by the Airgun Exploration & Advancement Channel of the new Daystate Huntsman Regal XL factory regulated with a special made Huma-Air regulator.  Watch the full review     When you own an unregulated version of the Daystate Huntsman Regal XL and you want to tune it into a regulated version: check our webhop for our aftermarket regulators for Daystate  

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Preview of the Daystate Huntsman Regal Huma Regulated

  Thanks to: Airgun Exploration & Advancement Channel     02/06/2018     Comments (0)

A sneak preview Vlog, made by Steve of the Airgun Exploration & Advancement Channel, of the new  Daystate Huntsman Regal Huma Regulated. Watch the review Of course your previous bought Daystate Huntsman Regal can be fitted with an Huma-Air aftermarket regulator too. Check out the posibilities for your Daystate Airrifle  

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BSA R10 Tuning Regulator

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Although the BSA R10 is my personal favourite rifle, I have encountered a lot of problems with the factory regulator in the past. After a lot of reading on the UK BSAOG forum I concluded that my R-10 was not the only rifle suffering from these problems: problems with the regulator piston getting stuck, regulator valves leaking on the older models, inconsistency in power and pellet speed, some regulators do not function properly above 200 bar, even though the fill pressure is 230bar, the power increases as the bottle pressure drops on the newer models, the regulator pressure can change if the bottle is removed (this affects the power) on the older models. It seems BSA have changed the regulator design in every new R10 model, they were obviously not satisfied with the performance of their regulator if they kept changing it. I got in contact with Darrin Lynn from  XTX Air , who is an expert in tuning the R-10, he gave me some good advice on how to improve the factory regulator. This helped a lot and improved the reaction time of the reg and it also solved the problem of the piston sticking. The consistency of the regulator did improve but I was still not completely satisfied. Darrin also made sure that I did not forgot about the regulator and he kept pushing me to take a look at the design of the factory regulator to see what could be done to improve/fix it and he sent us some factory parts to take a look at. Although I am pretty sure BSA are one of the finest rifle builders, I am not convinced about the design of the regulator at all. In my opinion there are some issues in the design that will prevent the regulator from ever becoming consistent and reliable, no matter what you do to it. There were a few options to sort out the R-10 regulator: Take a close look at the original design, try to improve it to resolve all the issues. Due to some major design flaws I did not think that this was a viable option. I know...

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