Huma Regulator Tester; serious tinkering with your airguns

  Thanks to Piter M     07/08/2018     Comments (1)

Let’s start from the basics – what is the regulator pressure tester? I know most of you know but maybe not everyone. It’s a device, which can measure the actual reduced pressure behind the regulator, so pressure which is in the plenum during shot cycle. And for tuning a PCP – this info is just crucial. Of course most people don’t care and just shoot what they got (and I was doing that for years) but if the access to regulator is easy (and in my EdGuns it is super easy) why not to play a bit and get the most of it?  As you could have noticed I’ve really experimented recently a lot with Huma products in my Matador R5 and Leshiy. In total I was playing with 3 regulators and 3 different plenum setups. For a start - the pressure scale on a brand new Huma regulator is...

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Review: The Daystate Huntsman Regal XL

  Thanks to: Airgun Exploration & Advancement Channel     07/06/2018     Comments (0)

Daystate Huntsman Regal XL Huma Regulated    Watch the full review made by the Airgun Exploration & Advancement Channel of the new Daystate Huntsman Regal XL factory regulated with a special made Huma regulator.  Watch the full review     When you own an unregulated version of the Daystate Huntsman Regal XL and you want to tune it into a regulated version: check our webhop for our aftermarket regulators for Daystate  

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Preview of the Daystate Huntsman Regal Huma Regulated

  Thanks to: Airgun Exploration & Advancement Channel     02/06/2018     Comments (0)

A sneak preview Vlog, made by Steve of the Airgun Exploration & Advancement Channel, of the new  Daystate Huntsman Regal Huma Regulated. Watch the review Of course your previous bought Daystate Huntsman Regal can be fitted with a Huma aftermarket regulator too. Check out the posibilities for your Daystate Airrifle  

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BSA R10 Tuning Regulator

  Huma-Air     30/05/2018     Comments (0)

Although the BSA R10 is my personal favourite rifle, I have encountered a lot of problems with the factory regulator in the past. After a lot of reading on the UK BSAOG forum I concluded that my R-10 was not the only rifle suffering from these problems: problems with the regulator piston getting stuck, regulator valves leaking on the older models, inconsistency in power and pellet speed, some regulators do not function properly above 200 bar, even though the fill pressure is 230bar, the power increases as the bottle pressure drops on the newer models, the regulator pressure can change if the bottle is removed (this affects the power) on the older models. It seems BSA have changed the regulator design in every new R10 model, they were obviously not satisfied with the performance of their regulator if they kept...

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EDgun Matador Power Tune Upgrade

  Thanks to: Airborne Arms NZ     30/05/2018     Comments (0)

Power Tune Upgrade For The EDgun Matador Series In close cooperation with Airborne Arms NZ we made an all-in tuning packege to gain extra power out of your Edgun Matador specialy for the current heavy models pellets. These sets are available for the R3, R3M, R5 and R5M EDgun Matador This set contains our Matador tuning regulator, a XXL plenum for extra volume and for the R3 and R3M there is a special bronze hammerweigt included. The extra large plenum in combination wit our tuning regulator will allow you to use a lower regulator output pressure and gain more pelletspeed! Check out our product page with more info and fitting video (Thanks Piotr M for the picture)  

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