Airgun Technology Uragan Regulator
Airgun Technology Uragan Tuning Regulator By Huma-Air
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Huma-Air regulator for tuning your Airgun Technology Uragan airrifle. XL plenum included for extra regulated airvolume and a pressure scale for adjustment.

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Huma-Air Tuning Regulator For The Airgun Technology Uragan


For the Airgun Technology Uragan model we have a tuning pressure regulator available that replaces the original factory regulator.
Due to our ultra compact build we reduced the size of the regulator compared to the factory reg with almost 70%. The extra space created we have used for extra regulated air.
This extra volume can be used for extra power with the same reg pressure or you can reduce the regulator pressure and get the same pelletspeed as before.
It is an one-on-one replacement, just remove the old regulator and replace it with the Huma-Air regulator and plenum. The regulator is placed with the pressure scale facing the high pressure input side of the action (hose side)
This regulator is vented to the atmosphere without any modification to your pressure tube. So no drilling in the tube and also no creeping up in power during time.

The benefits of the Huma-Air tuning regulator for the Airgun Technology Uragan


Higher accuracy of your rifle due to the elimination of the pelletspeed fluctuations
A constant pellet speed over the full working pressure range.
Due to our compact regulator build and different plenum size you will have more air available and you can use lower output pressure for the same power

When you order your Vulcan tuning regulator you will receive:

  • Your regulator preset on to your own wishes;
  • A pressure scale in Bar’s on the regulator, for fine-tuning or re-adjustment;
  • We will include a “Huma-Air regulated” breech sticker;
  • Volume plenum for extra regulated air


Pressure settings of the Vulcan regulator


The Vulcan regulator comes preset at the most common pressure setting, or we will adjust it according to your personal wishes.
It is also equipped with a clear pressure scale label, so you can very easy re-adjust or fine tune the pressure setting suitable to your wishes.
This model comes in the pressure range of 70-155 bar output pressure to cover a wide range of power settings


Huma-Air Quality Control


Huma-Air regulators are CNC produced out of high grade aircraft Aluminum and bronze.
To guarantee a perfect product, every regulator is manually assembled, tested and adjusted to the requested pressure. 
We only use high-end materials and our belleville springs are designed for critical applications to achieve the highest repeat accuracy. This gives our regulators a repeat cycle less than 1% difference.

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