BSA Quick Connect Fill Probe
Bsa Quick Connect Fill Probe By Huma-Air
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Huma-Air Quick Connect Fill Probe with foster male connection, made of Stainless Steel compatible with several Bsa airrifles *** WORLD WIDE SHIPPING PER ENVELOPPE ***

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Huma-Air Quick Connect Fill Probe Made of Stainless Steel Compatible with several Bsa Airrifles


We all know the issue of having more airrifles and they all have different types of fill probes. Huma-Air now offers a solution for it.
We have a BSA Quick Connect Fill Probe with a foster male quick connect coupler, so you can now easily swap fill probes in a second, when you want to fill several types of airrifles.
With several different base models of Quick Connect Fill Probes available in our store, you are able to fill about 90% of the rifle's brands.


This model fill probe will also fit:

  • Bsa Ultra MMC
  • Bsa Ultra SE
  • Bsa R10
  • Bsa Scorpion
  • Bsa Scorpion SE
  • Bsa Huntsman
  • Bsa Lonestar
  • Bsa Hornet
  • Gamo Dynamax

If you have one of the models below:
  • Bsa Buccanneer
  • Bsa Ultra XL
  • Bsa Brigadier
  • Bsa Goldstar SE

Please select THIS MODEL of fill probe.

As 200/300 bars of pressure is seriously dangerous, we choose for high quality materials only; we make our Huma Quick Connect Fill Probes out of one massive piece of stainless steel.
This ensures the highest durability and safety, not to be compared with the soft brass and silver plated plugs on the market.

At the end of your fill hose you can attach one of our Foster Female Quick Coupler what makes it easy to swap fill probes in a second.
Also a lot of rifles (Marauder, FX Impact, Brocock, Daystate) are also equipped with a foster male coupler.


To reduce costs we use worldwide shipping per untracked enveloppe for this item.


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Michaeel V - 04-05-2022 00:45

I've bought a few things from Huma air including these fill probes and it is always a great price and very high quality plus it is delivered quickly

Fahad - 30-04-2021 19:02

1000 times better than the one that comes from BSA factory, No leak, No air losing,

Dave - 08-05-2020 11:55

Solid fit unlike the brass ones.

Frans - 16-02-2020 10:19

Very well made, even better than the original in my opinion, this one has a quick coupler machined onto it so you don't have to buy a seperate coupler.
Saves you money and no chance of air leaking.
Reasonable price and no shipping costs!
Nice contact, quick reply to email, any time again!

Shane UK - 05-05-2019 15:20

Quality product not the rubbish curently being sold on amazon