Huma-Air regulator tester for BSA R10 Huma-Air regulator tester for BSA R10
Huma-Air regulator tester for BSA R10 Huma-Air regulator tester for BSA R10
BSA R10 Huma-Air Regulator Tester
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A Huma-Air regulator tester specially for our Huma-Air R10 regulator.

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Huma-Air regulator tester for the Huma-Air R10 regulator, for the professional tuners among us.

This regulator tester device  is specially designed to test and service our Huma-Air regulator for Bsa R10.
Check the proper working and cycling, adjust the regulator after a full rebuild or just experiment to find out the best pressure setting of your rifle.

You can screw the Huma-Air regulator into the tester and pressurize the tester by means of the foster male adapter directly to your fill set of your scuba tank (max 250 bar input pressure)
By using the de-pressurize screw of the tester you can simulate a shot and test the cycle of the regulator and the set pressure. The pressure gauge on the tester body will show you the outgoing pressure of the regulator.

If you want a more detailed pressure gauge, you can also use our 28 mm digital pressure gauge on the R10 regulator tester.

Note: this tester is not suitable for the factory R10 regulator.


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Pete Winder - 10-12-2022 15:22

Very useful tool for correct set up and adjustment of R10 Huma regulator. I don't know how I managed without it.