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BSA R10 Regulator
BSA R10 Tuning Regulator
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Huma regulator for tuning your BSA R10 airrifle.

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BSA R10 tuning regulator

This unique BSA R10 tuning regulator is specially designed as a "one on one" replacement regulator for the BSA R10 rifles and solves all your original regulator problems instantly!
The regulator is very consistent over the total pressure range of the buddy bottle and it can be screwed into the action within a minute. It fit’s all models.
The regulator is vented to the atmosphere, so no creeping up in power in long term.
Designed for a wide pressure range (70-150 bar) to suit sub 12 ft/lbs (UK) and  high power FAC models.

The benefits of the BSA R10 tuning regulator made by Huma:

  • Higher accuracy of your rifle due to the elimination of the pelletspeed fluctuations
  • A constant pellet speed over the full working pressure range.
  • It will give you a better shotcount and a full flat shotstring immediately.
  • The pressure scale will give you the posibilty to adjust the output pressure of the R10 regulator very easy


 When you order your BSA R10 Tuning Regulator you will receive:

  • Your regulator preset on to your own wishes;
  • A pressure scale in Bar on the regulator, for fine-tuning or re-adjustment.
  • We will include a “Huma regulated” breech sticker;
  • Fitting instructions as pdf download 



Pressure settings of the BSA R10 Tuning Regulator:

The regulator comes preset on the most common pressure setting according to your choise of barrel and caliber, or we will adjust it according to your personal wishes.
The pressure range is adjustable from 70-150 bar.
The length of the barrel is measured from the magazine until the tip of the actual barrel (not the end of the shroud)
After fitting the regulator, always check the powersetting of the rifle and finetune it when needed to stay within legal limits.

Huma-Air Quality Control

Huma regulator's are CNC produced out of high grade aircraft Aluminum and bronze.
To guarantee a perfect product, every regulator is manually assembled, tested and adjusted to the requested pressure. 
We only use high-end materials and our belleville springs are designed for critical applications to achieve the highest repeat accuracy. This gives our regulators a repeat cycle less than 1% difference.

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All the best

Team Huma-Air

John Atkinson -

Bought one for my B.S.A R10SE in .177 sub 12fpe absolutely chuffed to bits with the results. The gun is so much better now. Big thanks to all the Huma team.

John Atkinson -

Bought one for my B.S.A R10SE sub 12 fp, absolutely chuffed to bits with the results. It's easy to install and bang on the

Dennis Konieczny -

Good product and design. Very easy installation and easy to reset pressure. Dropped my extreme spread from 20 to 14 over 60 shots at 18.5 fpe with a 200bar fill in .177 BSA R10SE fac.Set regulator at 115bar.

guy -

bought for r10se FAC in uk. Easy replacement and beautifully engineered. Slightly higher power, very good consistency in FPS hence better accuracy and better shot count. Great value. Would buy again. Videos to fit are excellent.

Adnan Saleh -

Recently i recieved huma regulator for my R10 Mk2, very good build quality. Will install it in few days. Very good coustomer service the team responded me promptly.
Will definitely buy more products from huma.

Mike Kite -

Excellent service, came very quick to UK. Easy to replace, consistent shooting all in all excellent product!

Bigg Redd -

Excellent reg. Looking forward to adding one to my .177 Hatsan AT44.

John -

I fitted my regulator to my BSA R10 the day it arrived
And am extremely happy with the performance it has an excellent cold hammer forged barrel and a decent trigger after a bit of polishing,but has always lacked the consistency,Not any more the R10 is as good as any rifle out there combined with the Huma Reg it’s a real winner the performance on the range is second to none know
To say I’m pleased with the Huma Reg is an understatement.

Marcello (Netherlands) -

Works better then the original in my BSA R10 mk2. Shooting .22 JSB 14,35gr. at 145 bar, 280cc bottle, 70 good shots at about 270 ms (855fps) 33 joule. Started with 2,5 inch groups at 100 yards indoors with JSB and ended with a better group wit H&N ftt 14.66gr and i think it's getting better when everything settles :-)

I made a small movie from the very first shots trough the chrony and at 100 yards:

Fahad -

Good material and easy to install. It looks fine and better than the original regulator. Still under test.

Adolfo -

Yesterday I installed on my bsa R10 the regulator. The installation was really easy, thanks to the instructions and relevant videos. I had only 6 shots and it look much better than the old one. The buddy bottle pressure drop was lower.In the next days I'll try to use a chrono to measure the speed. For now I'm really happy with this regulator.

Stefan Zimnik -

Sehr zu empfehlen. Mein Gewehr ist um einiges genauere mit dem Regulator und die Luft hält länger.

Adrian Yates -

Easy company to deal with fast postage. My original regulator bsa r10 22cal went very quickly. So far the Huma replacement has been very accurate. Very easy to install good design..congratulations on a excellent product

Andres RS -

R10 mkII .177, Huma a 120bar, 263m/s , 23j, de 200b a 100b me da 70 u 80 disparos. sigo en fase de pruebas .

Stian from norway -

My r10 mk2 177 fac did not do the power it whas suposed to do..whith the easy install of the huma i got more jules and more fps so rigth now its like it shuld have been from the store 🙂 acuarsy between them i dont know because it whas low on power whith the orginale so i just changed it..but im ganna test the huma in the spring, its faster and stronger than stock in 130 bar 🙂

Scott -

Worth every penny bought the huma reg for my r10 it is now only got a spread of 3.7 ftps on unsorted pellets couldn't be happier would advise anyone to buy one and was fitted in 20 mins by myself. Very quick delivery to

Keith -

Bought to replace BSA unit. Performing better than original with increased shot count from 4.5 mm sub 16J version. Worth doing for any R10.

chris french -

this is the third huma reg ive bought and all are spot on. easy to fit and when on second to none with consistency and accuracy. will buy again and again they are that good.

Victor -

I got my R10-SE .22 FAC a few days ago, factory regulator performance doesn't seems to be as good like it was announced in paper, 26.8 fps extreme spread for 45 shots, to 50-55 shots get's worst, pellet jsb exact express 5.52 14.35 grains at 895 fps, about 34.6 joule.

Now with Huma reg fitted, 135 BAR setting, extreme spread down's to 14.8 fps for 54 very consistent shots, usable shots goes up to 60, average speed was 917 fps with same jsb pellet, about 36.5-37 joule, and that was for the first shot string 😁, I'm thinking to adjust hammer spring to reach 35 joule at the muzzle to reach 60 regulated shots, grrreat job Huma 😃.

Mori Mendoza -

This product is a brilliant workmanship, installation works like a charm. Now my mk2 is totally reborn with a very small increment on velocity, very much recommended.


HUMA has completely transform my r10 mk2.
The R10 behaves curiously, when there is the most pressure in the tank, that the power is the lowest.
After mounting the HUMA regulator, it works flawlessly!
I replaced the regulator which came with the R10 MK2 by that of HUMA, it is set at 138 bar.
First try: shoot 5 loaders from 230 to 130 bar.
Speeds (266 m / s to 271 m / s)
Power (35.8 joules has 36,5 joules)
Weight of lead 1 gr GAMO MAGNUM.
Great thanks to HUMA !!!!!!!

James Bentley -

Sceptical at first that this product would live up to the reviews I'm pleased to say that it does. I fitted it to a BSA supplied FAC R10se. Accuracy already good improved giving shot on shot groups. Usable shots from 40ish to 65. Could not be easier to fit following the on line no nonsense video. This is the single most effective tune up I've ever done to an air rifle.

Gilberto Manoel dos Santos -

Produto de ótima qualidade, chegou rapidamente, atendeu minhas expectativas agora os tiros são muito consistentes, e precisos minha BSA R10 está transformada estou muito feliz com o produto.
Fica aqui o meu agradecimento especial ao Sr. Huub, que me deu um ótimo atendimento, como e bom fazer negócios com profissionais de qualidade um grande abraço a todos!

chris french uk -

bought a huma reg for my 8 month old mk 2 r10 super carbine and the reg arrived very quickly and was a piece of cake to fit and best bit was totally transformed my gun. gun is now super accurate and very consistent. I also bought a huma reg for my at44 single shot 25cal which ive fitted but not tried yet but service and help from huma-air was outstanding. many thanks for everything.

Professor Michael Clark -

The replacement regulator for my R10 was simplicity itself to fit and took minutes. I am not an armorer nor a skilled air rifle service engineer so was extremely satisfied with the ease of fitment and the subsequent performance of the HUMA regulator. It has transformed the performance of my R10 with a noticeable increase in accuracy. Pellets known as flyers are not as frequent since the regulator change.

One very happy plinker!

S wilkes -

Very easy to fit r10 is a different gun now

Glyn -

Had just rebuilt my factory regulator in my R10 MK2 due to leakage. Although my repair was successful I decided to try your Huma drop in. Set at 140bar I was greatly satisfied with the stability and consistency of my shot strings. Outstanding! Bought one for my custom stocked Benjamin Marauder pistol. Another home run!... turned out great. Thanks....

Trevor -

Your regulator has transformed my R10, it is a different gun and so accurate now.

Osfald -

That is the solution which blows up all of the market competitors! Chrono shows +-1m/s instability of Vo! Regulator allows up to 180 stable shots on light, unsorted pellets. Instant order completing. Great job HuMa!

Steve Howard -

The regulator is great! Very easy to fit and works fine. The service from the company has been very good indeed. I am very pleased.

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