BSA Scorpion Ultra Huub Shroud Huma-Air shrouds Huma-Air BSA shroud with integrated moderator Huma-Air shroud with integrated moderator for Bsa Airrifles
BSA Scorpion Ultra Huub Shroud Huma-Air shrouds Huma-Air BSA shroud with integrated moderator Huma-Air shroud with integrated moderator for Bsa Airrifles
Huma-Air shroud with integrated moderator for Bsa Airrifles
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Huma-Air shroud or bullbarrel with intergrated silencer for Bsa airrifles. Will fit all models with straight breech. Wil make your Bsa whisper quiet. (These shroud were previous sold as Huub Shrouds)
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Huma-Air shroud with integrated moderator for Bsa Airrifles  (Previously sold as "Huub Shrouds")

These shrouds will fit any of the Bsa multi-shot PCP rifles with a straight front breech.  (not suitable for S10 and some of the very early low breech single shot rifles and rifles with an angled breech at the front)

Not only do they look good but they also work very well at quietening down the muzzle report of BSA PCP air rifles. When the baffles have been fitted in the best configuration, the shrouds are as quiet or quieter than most off the shelf silencers/moderators. For the maximum performance in quieting your rifle the shrouds are made caliber specific.

They are easy to DIY fit or they can be fitted while your rifle is with me for other work.

They are made out of 27mm OD aluminum tube to keep the weight down, then sand blasted and matte black anodized.
The fitting is directly on the barrel and the fitting screws are covered by the shroud when it is screwed on.
The shrouds are made to be around 140mm (5.5") longer than the end of your barrel. The longer they are the more internal volume there is, which translates to a quieter muzzle report.

Please be aware that the shroud is a little higher than the top of the scope rail, so check you scope rings before you assemble the shroud.

We have the 3 most popular lengths for BSA in stock:


- the 12" barrel model (R-10 Super Carbine and Ultra), they are around 15" (380mm) long overall

- the 15" model (standard R-10 and Scorpion), they are around 18" (465mm) long overall

- the 18.5" model (standard on the FAC/Export Scorpion and FAC/Export R-10), they are around 21.75" (550mm) long overall.

How to measure your barrel length >here<

They are supplied with the shroud tube, barrel adaptor, back-flow bush, baffles, steel wired curlers, and sound reducting felt.

At this stage they are only suitable for barrels that have a threaded end for a moderator.


Huma-Air shroud fitting video made by XTX-Air in the UK

Watch out for imitation/rip-off copies of the Huma-Air shrouds being sold by some people online and on eBay, buyer beware!

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Dave D - 25-01-2023 11:49

Very rapid delivery to the uk , easy to fit and very effective

Paul Molland - 18-09-2022 09:35

I bought huma shroud and it was delivered quickly with no problems it was well packaged and very easy to fit the difference between the huma shroud and the moderator was amazing not only does it make next to no noise but it looks fantastic to great service and product

H.J.M. - 29-08-2022 21:47

Na uitgebreid overleg uiteindelijk toch de shrout besteld voor mijn Goldstar se.
De speling tussen de drukbuis en de shrout is idd. minimaal, maar het past en werkt super!
Mooi afgewerkte set, netjes verzorgd, denk niet dat er een betere oplossing te vinden is.

Crispin Fernandez - 29-07-2022 16:48

I've been looking around for silencer or shroud for days & somehow I stumble on this shroud. So I did my digging & saw the pic. WOW! LOOKS CLEAN! & red some of the reviews. Well. Didn't take long so I ordered it the price was excellent & Didn't take long within 3 days it was delivered to the USA! Instruction and installation was easy! No Brainer! So excited to fire this gun and I was amazed it's super quiet & no clipping 🤫! Quality on this shroud said it all! Buy it! Thanks HUMA AIR!!!

Chris - 29-06-2022 02:56

Very nice clean looking shroud all grub screws are hidden looks factory makes a good reduction in sound pretty much just hammer spring noise left and protects barrel I would definitely buy takes a while but it's definitely worth the wait.

Wayne - 07-05-2022 16:21

Excellent bit of kit, reduced my R10 down to just the noise of hammer spring, also was pleasantly surprised that the 3rd baffle didn't need cutting down as the xtx fitting video suggested. Also reduces the standard size R10 by over 1.5" overall. Very happy :)
Also, arrived in about 2 weeks which was also a surprise

Les B - 03-05-2022 16:32

Arrived today fitted easily within 15 mins no issues , makes a big difference , had a LEI moderator fitted which worked well shroud looks great very quiet , the Gold star has a bit of a loud bark , has now made it acceptable for use plinking in the garden .

Brian W. - 13-04-2022 15:00

The quality of this piece is first rate. Works VERY well and gives the R10 a much more pleasant tone than the original shroud or any moderator that I have tried. I liked it so well, that I have one one the way for my Ultra.

Bas W - 31-03-2022 08:37

Recently received my 4th shroud. Now both my BSA Scorpions, the Ultra and the Goldstar are fitted with this part. Easy to fit and even on a 29 FPE .22 just as silent as with a Weihrauch silencer. All of my BSA's are still spot on; love them and the Huma parts!

Steve - 03-03-2022 20:09

Very nice fit and finish, nothing needed modding, bolted right on. Effective operation. Excellent all around.

Anthony Clark - 03-03-2022 17:58

Shroud was excellent fitted well and made my r10se very quite and excellent quality and service

Stuart - 01-02-2022 18:28

Brilliant bit of kit easy to fit and very good quality parts recommed this shroud highly 👍 if only they made them for the BSA S10 I'd have one more 👍

Robert Whitley - 03-12-2021 15:19

Shroud did the trick for my .177 BSA Ultra se. I would highly recommend.

john mcphee - 29-11-2021 19:41

this item was really easy to fit 10 minutes max. i dont know how it performs as i have not used my rifle since installation due to bad weather.

Martin - 19-10-2021 09:40

Excellent, arrived well before I was expecting it, easy to add to rifle and very quiet, I did however have to trim one of the mesh coils so it would fit, there is a video showing how to do it, highly recommended

gary money - 12-10-2021 06:02

Top class work expertly engineered and a fantastic design easy to put together with a step by step instruction video excellent

Paolo - 06-10-2021 18:35

I bought this shroud for my Buccaneer SE and tested it at shooting range, home and in the field, it turned out to be the best choice and money spent for my AirRifle.
So look no further and get yours!

Let’s start from the Efficiency:
- it’s a very easy DIY fit (watch video tutorial)
- it’s 10 dB lower compared to BSA moderator I own
- increase positively pellet trajectory

- keeps your Barrel nice and cozy from rusting
- no longer need for BarrelBand
- improve balance in the AirRifle
- your AirRifle gets a brand new Look
- will fit in any hard or soft case with 110cm length

- well designed to the last detail
- inner diameter fit perfectly on the Barrel helping to hold the barrel straight and steady
- solid & strong aluminium BullBarrel
- shroud and moderator’s rings designed specifically per each calibre

Overall a MUST HAVE for BSA AirGuns Owner!

Very well received and appreciated. Thank You Huma-Air!

Adam Boulton - 04-10-2021 21:50

It tuck 4weeks to get to me but boy it was worth the wait has transformed the look of the rifle and very easy to fit carnt wait to use it

Michael - 26-09-2021 21:37

Superbly engineered and finished piece of kit which fits perfectly and is quieter than the original sound moderator. It also greatly improves the look and balance of the rifle

DavidC - 17-09-2021 17:58

Nicely made parts and match BSA's finish. Perfect fit on my BSA R-10 TH. Super quiet. I did a dB check without moderator, with factory moderator and with Huma's shroud/moderator, the Huma parts are much quieter than the factory installed moderator. Very easy to install. Aesthetically, I think the Huma-Air Shroud improves the appearance of the R-10 as well. Next upgrade will be the Huma-Air Regulator. Thank you!

M Bailey - 13-09-2021 21:36

Easy to fit and made the gun look and feel alot better.
And also deals with not having to fit a moderator every time the gun was taken out of the sling.
Very impressed with the shroud.

H. Sason - 29-05-2021 12:06

Easy to install with perfect fit. Now quieter than my previous set up and looks sleeker.

David Clark - 12-05-2021 23:13

Fantastic bit off engineering ,do you do a extra piece to make it even quieter as I use it in the back garden,and it’s pretty quiet now kind regards David

Jeroen - 29-04-2021 13:12

Fits nicely on my Gamo Coyote (47cm barrel). There is only a small gap at the breech which looks perfectly fine if you turn it towards the barrel. Most importantly the performance is great, much more silent than with the silencer. Instead of the bark that the Coyote is known for all you hear now is the mechanical action when you pull the trigger. Works great and also looks the business!

Gaz turner - 23-03-2021 17:56

Very pleased well engineered and fast postage. Had a weirauch silencer on my bsa ultra se replaced it with the shroud and it was quiet before but I think the shroud is slightly quieter looks the business aswell highly recommended.

william mcconachie - 18-02-2021 10:41

hi shroud fits fine a bit longer than the original looks good

Caspar Wingelaar - 16-01-2021 10:15

Fits very nice. Looks very good too.
My rifle is very quiet now. Like it very much.

John Robinson - 31-12-2020 18:36

Excellent product, very well engineered, extremely high quality and so much easier to install than expected (no cutting or shortening required at all for the internal baffles on my 15" barrel kit). Noise levels experienced with my BSA Gold Star (.177cal) after fitment of the shroud at least comparable to if not better than the very best Weihrauch and BSA silencer/moderator opposition. Gives the gun so much cleaner lines - looks superb! - totally agree with other buyers that it really does look like an original fitment item. The Huma-Air support team are top drawer as are their communications and delivery/tracking processes, so thank you very much for such a straightforward purchase and I would happily do business again.

John - 03-12-2020 16:54

Fitted within 20 mins of arrival, the Black Matt finish looked a little uneven but after cleaning with my gun oil rag it was perfect. The noise reduction over the BSA supplied suppressor is amazing, around 8 dBs quieter. Fitted to a .177 R10 mk2 Carbine 300mm barrel.

John Jones - 22-11-2020 09:53

Good purchase, its relatively simple to install and certainly looks the part. The integrated moderator is about the same as the one I had in terms of quietening the muzzle crack and now it is possible to fit a longer air cylinder if I wish. The only downside is that barrel cleaning will be a longer process as the moderator would have to be taken out and refitted after. on the whole I am very pleased.

Ray - 13-11-2020 14:05

Excellent quality product, easy DIY fitting and silent. Highly recommended.

Carlos - 10-11-2020 00:06

Really quiets the gun. Great

Carlos Neto - 05-11-2020 15:26

Really silenced the rifle, great product.

Mark Hall - 30-10-2020 10:53

The Huma-Air BSA shroud is top quality fits really well and very quiet, the Huma-Air support team are are top quality and respond very quickly to any issues you may have are very good with their Track and Trace system overall all it was a pleasure to buy from them very quick response times for delivery top quality product, great team, good communication thank you very much keep up the good work I will certainly buy from them again.

Giles Hodges - 26-10-2020 15:38

Bought along with the Huma regulator. Easy to fit, have to cut the last roller down a bit as described by XTX Air on YouTube, but was easy enough. Doesn't appear to be any louder than the BSA shroud with moderator and looks better, so all good. Bought for my 15" barrel BSA R10 mkii 2013.

Robert Bolton - 29-09-2020 09:32

Excellent bit of kit. Fitted in about 3 minutes. Quieter than bsa silencer. Looks as though it is factory made part of the gun. Highly recommended.

Moz chops - 18-06-2020 09:07

Nifty piece of kit very easy to install, looks fantastic and best of all works a treat.

Paul - 28-05-2020 09:48

What more can I saw, that hasn't already been said.
This is a well made item. Securely packed and received, in the UK, four (4) days from ordering. A good service at any time. Even more surprising, due to the current situation (COVID-19).
Now, the Shroud itself.
I ordered this for my BSA R10 Mk2. .177
This was ordered together with a Hume Regulator. (Reviewed elsewhere).
I'll be honest. I did not come here to buy a shroud but, seeing it presented, when I chose my Regulator and reading the good reviews here. I thought, 'why not try it?'
I'm certainly glad I did.
Well made, with a smooth non-glare finish. This shroud, was easy to fit.
In my opinion, making the BSA R10 look even more smart and functional, with it's inbuilt silencer (suppressor).
Personally, I wouldn't say it was quieter than the BSA Silencer but, not any louder.
I can highly recommend this product. another quality product from Huma.

Dave - 16-05-2020 21:22

Great looking shroud, easy to fit and quieter than the bsa shroud fitted to the R10 SE that I have

Paul - 07-05-2020 00:44

Really well engineered and manufactured shroud that was very simple to fit having read the instructions and found a youtube video. The gun is now seriously quiet and much more than with the moderator I had fitted. On top of doing its job really well it also look cool and provide a great new profile to the Ultra SE. Delivery and comms from Huma were also really good. Highly recommend

Mal Johns. - 28-04-2020 15:03

I have fitted the Huma Regulator and Shroud to my BSA R10. I now get more shots per fill and the gun is ultra silent since fitting the shroud. Two great pieces of kit for the gun at a great price and customer service is excellent.

Jarno bierman - 21-04-2020 17:21

Fitted on a Gamo Coyote .22

47cm barrel..

Ok fitment the rear adapter does not fit perfect on the gamo Coyote but it is not made for it..

Easy install and very silent, fitted two peaces of material..

Good quality for the price.

Barrel band needs to be removed

Good service..

Now thinking about the air regulator..

kelly - 17-04-2020 02:08

fit was perfect on my Gsmo dyna max

LEE MOORE - 07-04-2020 15:44


LEE MOORE - 04-04-2020 00:54


Andrew Patterson-Jones - 04-03-2020 14:58

Very nice shroud looks good and nice and quiet definitely recommend

JT - 02-03-2020 21:17

Great service, much quicker delivery to the UK than expected, and the packaging was perfect.

Great product as well, top marks.

GeeTee - 26-02-2020 22:26

Received my new shroud for my Ultra SE & now fitted,in my opinion it looks great,is well finished & gives the rifle a more pleasing aesthetic look

Mike D - 19-02-2020 19:19

I have a BSA ultra, fitted a larger air cylinder, needed a shroud, this one fitted easily, as quiet as a moderator. Used XTX fitting video.Looks Great

eddie - 18-02-2020 17:16

it is very nice and very easy to fit would recoment your produts to very one keep up the good work

Jack - 07-02-2020 18:52

Excellent product, also adaptable to gamo coyote

Tim P - 23-01-2020 19:04

Quality product. Easy diy fit. Tracked delivery. Good service from Huma.

Tony C - 10-01-2020 23:21

Great service and a fantastic product

shaun hayes - 15-12-2019 21:35

Excellent very easy to fit just trim end basket on silencer whisper quiet and looks good