Huma-Air shroud with integrated moderator for Bsa Airrifles
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Huma-Air shroud or bullbarrel with intergrated silencer for Bsa airrifles. Will fit all models with straight breech. Wil make your Bsa whisper quiet. (These shroud were previous sold as Huub Shrouds)

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Huma-Air shroud with integrated moderator for Bsa Airrifles  (Previously sold as "Huub Shrouds")

These shrouds will fit any of the Bsa multi-shot PCP rifles with a straight front breech.  (not suitable for S10 and some of the very early low breech single shot rifles and rifles with an angled breech at the front)

Not only do they look good but they also work very well at quietening down the muzzle report of BSA PCP air rifles. When the baffles have been fitted in the best configuration, the shrouds are as quiet or quieter than most off the shelf silencers/moderators. For the maximum performance in quieting your rifle the shrouds are made caliber specific.

They are easy to DIY fit or they can be fitted while your rifle is with me for other work.

They are made out of 27mm OD aluminum tube to keep the weight down, then sand blasted and matte black anodized.  ( The 18" models are powder coated matt black, which gives them a nice textured non-shiny finish)
The fitting is directly on the barrel and the fitting screws are covered by the shroud when it is screwed on.
The shrouds are made to be around 140mm (5.5") longer than the end of your barrel. The longer they are the more internal volume there is, which translates to a quieter muzzle report.

Please be aware that the shroud is a little higher than the top of the scope rail, so check you scope rings before you assemble the shroud.

We have the 3 most popular lengths for BSA in stock:


- the 12" barrel model (R-10 Super Carbine and Ultra), they are around 15" (380mm) long overall

- the 15" model (standard R-10 and Scorpion), they are around 18" (465mm) long overall

- the 18.5" model (standard on the FAC/Export Scorpion and FAC/Export R-10), they are around 21.75" (550mm) long overall.

How to measure your barrel length >here<

They are supplied with the shroud tube, barrel adaptor, back-flow bush, baffles, steel wired curlers, and sound reducting felt.

When ordering a shroud from the eShop please can you let me know which rifle it is for, the calibre and the length of barrel if it is not a standard length.

At this stage they are only suitable for barrels that have a threaded end for a moderator.


Huma-Air shroud fitting video made by XTX-Air in the UK

The Huma-Air shrouds are locally available in the United Kindom from XTX-Air

Watch out for imitation/rip-off copies of the Huma-Air shrouds being sold by some people online and on eBay, buyer beware!

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