Benjamin Marauder Quickfill Set With Pressure Gauge By Huma-Air
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Huma-Air quickfill with 28 mm large pressure gauge with wide scale for the Benjamin Marauder airrifle.

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Huma-Air Quickfill Set With Pressure Gauge For The Benjamin Marauder

Huma-Air quick fill with pressure gauge for the Benjamin Marauder to replace the factory fill connection.
This quickfill makes it possible to check the fill pressure of your pressure tube when you have fitted a regulator to your Benjamin Marauder.
The quickfill adapter with the 28 mm, wide dial, pressure gauge can be adjusted in several ways so it will always line up perfectly. 
It has a dust cover cap what can be turned, so the fill hole will be invisible and covered so it prevents dirt coming in.
We deliver the assembly complete with one of our stainless steel fill probes with a foster male quick connection, so you can fill your rifle with you normal foster female adapter.

The total extra length compared to the original endcap/fill construction is 30 mm and it ads about 70 gram of weight.

If you really want the best of the best, we can optionally upgrade this quickfill with an original Wika pressure gauge with 250 bar scale. Wika gauges are world famous for their quality and accuracy.

Our Benjamin Maraudeer Quickfill With Pressure Gauge set contains:

  • Pressure tube endcap,  (silver anodized)
  • Pressure gauge assembly body, matte black anodized
  • Dust cover cap, matte black anodized
  • 28 mm Wika pressure gauge with wide dial 250 bar scale
  • Stainless steel, quick connect fill probe.


This quickfill is equipped with an universal pressure gauge what can be used on several airguns. Never exceed the factory advised fill pressure of your rifle!



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Frank in Fairfield - 14-05-2021 22:21

To easy to install and use.

Alberto - 12-10-2020 03:26

I added this quick fill set to my .22 Marauder as I had installed a regulator and being able to monitor the amount of remaining air pressure is always helpful . The installation is a breeze and it functions perfectly and looks great also...Huma rocks!!

Gerard - 22-08-2020 00:47

I bought this to put on a .22 Marauder so I could keep tabs on remaining tube pressure during use. The gun already had HUMA regulator and the original pressure gauge is now shows regulator pressure (not much help). Being this was my first PCP airgun, I felt the need to see tube pressures during use. Installation was easy. I'm glad I added this gauge and the accompanying fill probe works perfectly. My only gripe is with the gauge itself, and the numbers being too hard to read. Too bad this didn't have the "digital" gauge as an option!! Then I'd have rated it 6 stars!

Edd zanelli - 22-05-2020 14:16

So much better for filling .looks good to .
Good engeneering.

Larry - 23-10-2019 22:15

Gauge works and looks great. It was an easy install, the fill adapter works smooth. The tracking info Huma-Air emailed me was very helpful and shipment arrived on estimated date.

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