Cooperation between Huma-Air and Brocock

Huma-Air proudly presents a cooperation with Brocock Airrifles resolving in a special Field Target model of the Brocock Compatto.

Compatto Field Target

By using the highest quality materials such as aircraft grade aluminium-bronze, chrome-moly steel and precision Belleville springs, the Huma regulator has been specially developed in a joint venture to be combined with the patented sling shot hammer system. This combination is able to reduce shot to shot variation to a 1% fluctuation, yet both are proven and reliable systems allowing Brocock to give two years between services.

If your regular Brocock Compatto is not regulated we can offer you an after market model for it what will give it a close match with the factory regulated model.
You can find the regulator here

Please check out the review video for more information

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