Din 300 adaptor to 1/8 BSP treads
Din 300 adaptor to 1/8 BSP male
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Din 300 adaptor to 1/8bsp male tread. what can be screwed directly into our external inline regulator or any Din 300 scuba tank valve. Made of massive stainless steel.

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Din 300 Adaptor to 1/8BSP male treads

This DIN 300 male adaptor to 1/8bsp male tread is made of one massive piece of stainless steel for maximum safety and durability.

There is a basic model with Din300 to G1/8 treads and a model with a safety burst disk connection.

When you want maximum safety, specially when you are shooting tethered, it would be better to use the version with the optional burst disk.
This DIN 300 adapter is standard equipped with a 5000 PSI burst disk, but it can be changed by any other UN3/8-24 treaded burst disk (available in every paintball store) so you can match the burst disk with the maximum fill pressure of your specific rifle. So if you would overfill the rifle per accident the burst disk will pop out and release the pressure.

The DIN300 adapter can be screwed directy into our External Inline Regulator or any other Din 200/300 scubatank.


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Brooks - 10-04-2019 01:21

Great part. Fits my needs perfect.

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