Din 300 adaptor to male quick connect coupler (Foster)
Din 300 adaptor to a male quick connect coupler (foster)
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Din 300 adaptor to a male quick connect coupler (foster) what can be screwed directly into our external inline regulator or any Din 300 scuba tank valve. Made of massive stainless steel.

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Din 300 Adaptor to a male quick connect coupler (Foster)

This DIN 300 male adaptor to a male quick connect coupler (Foster) is made of one massive piece of stainless steel for maximum safety and durability.
It can be screwed directy into our External Inline Regulator or any other Din 200/300 scubatank.

Optional there is also a flow-resticted version available. (Our External Regulators are already fitted with a flow restrictor)


When you order this item in combination with a regulator there are no sending costs involved.


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Peter Keunen - 20-11-2019 20:37

WYSIWYG, super!

Bo Eriksson - 14-10-2018 10:07

A really high grade quality on this product. I enjoy using it.

Mike Bricker - 02-10-2018 15:29

Very compact, super high quality, fits perfectly. Doesn’t get any better than this. Highly recommend.

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