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Edgun Leshiy 12 ft/lbs HFT tuning kit 5 5
Edgun Leshiy 12 ft/lbs HFT tuning kit
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Huma pressure regulator and tuning kit for 12 ft/lbs (16 Joule) Edgun Leshiy

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Edgun Leshiy 12 ft/lbs regulator and tune kit

On special request for the HFT and UK shooters, Huma Air in close cooperation with Airborne Arms NZ, developed a tune kit for the Edgun Leshiy to convert your rifle into a 12 ft/lbs (16 Joule) HFT version with an enormous shotcount.
Our kit contains our micro regulator, a special plenum with a matching valve return spring a power sleeve and as some leshiy's seems to have a strong hammerspring we will also include a new softer hammerspring to the set. 

The kit is specially designed for .177 but also works fine for .22 and it is capable of providing you an huge shotcount with the highest shot to shot consistency. (see the shotstrings below) 

The benefits are:
- Huge increase in shotcount
- Easy to adjust due to the pressure scale, you do not need to gues or use a reg-tester to set the pressure
- This regulator comes in our middle pressure range to (ca 75-150 bar)
- Excellent consistency
- Higher accuracy of your rifle due to the elimination of the pellet speed fluctuations
- Tested in .177 and .22. (no test data for .25 available yet)
- (Maximum power for this model is tested @ 21 ft/lbs in .22)

If you want to do some more tuning; the regulator has a clear pressure scale so you can easy adjust it to your wishes.
These regulators are also vented to the atmosphere without any modification to your pressure tube needed so no creeping up in power.

This model is deveopped and tested in cooperation with Wingman of Airborne Arms NZ. Check his results and fitting instruction in this direct link to to video
Not every rifle is identical and you might try some different setups to get the best results. 

PLEASE NOTE:  these shotstrings are made by "Wingman" of Airborne Arms. He is an skilled tuner and spent a lot of time in finding the best performance for his Leshiy. He used a 300 bar fill pressure. (Please check your rifle's owner manual for your maximum fill pressure)
His instructions video will give a good indication of the setup, to tune and adjust your rifle to the best performance you do need some skills in adjusting your hammerspring tension and regulator pressure combination.

Beside the Gen1-Gen2 differences, there are also some different strengths/types of hammersprings used in some leshiy rifles. These rifles might need some different setup and can give another performance.
Please check the tab "Reviews" of this regulator were we share the user feedback and their setup used. Per 1-2018 we include an new softer hammerpring to the set.

Here you can find some extra guides how to set up a regulated rifle and how to adjust the regulator pressure properly

General airrifle adjustment tips, setting up your regulated rilfe
How to adjust the regulator pressure


The regulator is CNC produced out of high grade aircraft Aluminum and bronze.
To guarantee a perfect product, every regulator is manually assembled, tested and adjusted to the requested pressure. 
We only use belleville springs designed for critical applications to achieve the highest repeat accuracy. This gives our regulators a repeat cycle less than 1% difference.

After fitting your regulator always chrony you rifle to check it is withing legal limits.

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All the best

Team Huma-Air


Very well made regulator, easy to install. Getting 90 shots from a 250 bar fill, regulator set at 100 bar in my .22 Leshiy. Fantastic consistency. I do think that the reduced plenum should be one piece though, negating the need for the delrin insert.


Phiroze -

I received my sub 12 reg sooner than I expected .. it took me a few days to gain the courage to install it as I had to cut down the valve stem.. it would have been great and stress free if a shortened machine cut valve stem would come with the kit.. that would be my only gripe..

I still have some more testing to do but I’m very happy I made the choice to install it already.. way more number of shots that I ever expected from this little goblin and consistency on par with the original.. ave spread 10fps..
All round Def a happy customer..


Colin Shaw -

I bought this tuning kit prior to the delivery of my Edgun Leshiy which arrived last Wednesday. I had ordered a 12ftlb version as I live in France whose power limit is 20 joules and to stay legal I could only buy a sub 20 joules air rifle.
Prior to purchase I watched the installation video several times and assessed that the modifaation to the valve was within my capabilities and in my comfort zone.
The kit arrived very quickly and it waited until the Leshiy was delivered.
I did the first chrono runs as it was delivered and it had been very conservatively but never the less legaly set to sub 11 ftlbs.
The modification went well and I left the reducer at factory 110 bar as it was my intention to run the air rifle at

Daniel Brown -

Hi i have a Gen2 Leshiy ,serial number 057X .20 cal 250mm short barrel.
i discovered my leshiy has an extremely stronger than normal hammer spring fitted so i had to try all variations of settings between reg pressure and hammer tension to get the best tune for my setup and needs,
My sufficient needs require no more than about 11ft/lbs / 600fps , so that was the aim for my tune.
after lots of testing i have got it just right.
Using the new Huma sub12 hft regulator kit, i have the regulator set at 82bar and my hst is 12clicks from lowest.
Using unsorted/unweighed straight from the tin JSB Exact .20 Diabolo 13,73gr Pellets
i have achieved 85 tight consistent shots from a 250bar air fill down to around 70bar air where it then drops off with no power spike. see results below...........

Shots 85
min power ft/lbs 10.51
max power ft/lbs 11.09
min speed fps 587.0
max speed fps 603.0
average power 10.90 ft/lbs
average speed 597.7
max spread 16.0
gem deviation 2.6

I am extremely happy with these results!
85 shots for such a small rifle with small cylinder Amazing!
I highly recommend this kit!

Marc -

I have a Gen2 Leshiy, serial number 062X.
I have tested the regulator with three barrels between 90 bar and 120 bar and have found 105 bar reg setting to be best on mine.

The short .22 barrel gave me +100 consistent shots using 18.1gr JSB 5.52.
(300 bar fill pressure)

The short .177 barrel gave me +80 consistent shots using 8.4gr JSB 4.51.
(300 bar fill pressure)

The long .177 barrel gave me +90 consistent shots using 8.4gr JSB 4.51.
(300 bar fill pressure)

I kept the power around 11.5 ft/lb via the hammer spring adjuster, which was normally 2 or three clicks either way depending on which barrel I used.
With the regulator set at 120 bar the power did creep just over 12 ft/lb after it fell off the reg with all of the barrels but it is fine set at 105 bar.

Double the shot count and very little deviation compared to the original regulator.
Very happy with mine!

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