Edgun Leshiy Pellet Dispenser
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Pellet Dispenser Set specially for the Edgun Leshiy. Made of high grade aluminium, sandblasted and black anodized. Assembling set for Edgun Leshiy included

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Edgun Leshiy Pellet Dispenser Set


A special pellet dispenser designed to match the looks EDgun Leshiy perfectly.
We choose to design a small and subtle dispenser so it would keep the balance of the rifle perfectly in terms of looks, weight and balance.
The dispenser is suitable for many types of pellets, even polymags can be used. There are no screws or moving parts in- or outside the dispenser, both side clamp together magnetically.
This construction makes it full weather proof and easy to clean.

We thank the guys of the "www.edgunleshiy.com" webpage for their feedback in the development of this item and the use of their logo on the pellet dispenser.

A special mounting set is included so the pellet dispenser can be screwed into the holes under the rail of Leshiy so it does not interfere with other rail accessories.
The assembling kit is made of a black technical polymer (POM) so there won't be any damages to the rail when the assembly is removed.

We have three types available:

- .177 with a capacity of 17 pellets 
- .22 with a capacity of 13 pellets
- .25 with a capacity of 11 pellets

Edgun Approved

Edgun & Huma-Air at the IWA 2019 show


When you order this item in combination with a regulator there are no sending costs involved.
We use priority tracked shipping for these items.


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