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Edgun Leshiy Pellet Dispenser Set
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Pellet Dispenser Set. Made of high grade aluminium, sandblasted and black anodized. Assembling set for Edgun Leshiy included. (Neutral black version or custom engravings available)

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Edgun Leshiy Pellet Dispenser Set


A special pellet dispenser designed to match the looks of the EDgun Leshiy perfectly.
We choose to design a small and subtle dispenser so it would keep the balance of the rifle perfectly in terms of looks, weight and balance.
The dispenser is suitable for many types of pellets, even polymags can be used. There are no screws or moving parts in- or outside the dispenser, both side clamp together magnetically.
This unique construction makes it full weather proof and easy to clean.



The complex design of both dispenser parts are produced at a CNC machining center from two solid pieces of aircraft aluminum. After the machining process, they are sandblasted, chemically polished and black anodized. Two extremely strong neodymium magnets are then hydraulically pressed into the housing. These magnets also position the ball for the indexing of the pellet chambers. Both parts are being applied with mounting grease and placed on top of each other. As final step the caliber and logo are lasered in the dispenser and the six-piece mounting set is added. This robust quality dispenser even passes the EDgun Land Cruiser test brilliantly.

We thank the guys of the "www.edgunleshiy.com" webpage for their feedback in the development of this item and the use of their logo on the pellet dispenser.
A neutral black version with only our small logo is also available, and if you want, we can do a custom laser engravement for you too,  like your name, initials or most dwx files.  (Please contact us for custom engraving)

The special mounting set is included so the pellet dispenser can be screwed into the slots under the rail of Leshiy so it does not interfere with other rail accessories. 
The assembling kit is made of a black technical polymer (POM) and stainless steel screws so there won't be any damages to the rail when the assembly is removed.

We have three types available:

- .177 with a capacity of 17 pellets
- .22 with a capacity of 13 pellets
- .25 with a capacity of 11 pellets

Edgun Approved

Edgun & Huma-Air at the IWA 2019 show



When you order this item in combination with a regulator there are no sending costs involved.
We use priority tracked shipping for these items.


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Team Huma-Air

Stu -

Excellent addition to my Leshiy looks cool functions flawlessly always got a pellet to hand when required 👍

Danny Maxim -

Great little unit to complete my Edgun Leshy.
Fits perfectly.
Who needs a 10 shot magazine when you have this..

J Dhillon -

The Huma Pellet dispenser is probably my favourite accessory I have brought for my leshiy.

The build quality and ease of use are next to non. Fits to the leshiy like a feature should have always been there.

Originally upon release I was justifying the price but once I received the item and used it all those doubts left my mind.

This is an excellent product well designed and well made. I have tried and tested other pellet dispensers but nothing comes close to the Huma one.

If you have a leshiy this is a must have add on.

John -

A perfect accessory for the Leshiy, easy fitting, robust and works faultlessly. Great service as usual from HUMA-AIR as well.

Matthew -

Very well made quality item.

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