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Edgun Leshiy regulator
Edgun Leshiy Tuning Regulator
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Huma pressure regulator for tuning your Edgun Leshiy to the maximum performance and shotcount.

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Edgun Leshiy tuning regulator


Ed(uart) did it again with a fantastic little airrifle, The Edgun Leshiy, you Love it or you Hate it, but I Love it for sure!!
It has a great design, very good build quality, excellent shooting....what else do you want more??
Well, I do like it to give my rifle a personal touch, and it happens to be, I know a bit about regulators :)
Not like the Edgun reg is no good, in the contrary, but we have our own specialism and we have managed to squeeze just a bit more out of this little Goblin

So we made an Edgun Leshiy tuning regulator.

This regulator replaces the original leshiy regulator and is an “one on one” replacement
Just depressurize the pressure tube and unscrew it, remove the original regulator and replace it for the Huma regulator and you are finished.


The benefits of the Huma Tuning regulator for the Edgun Leshiy are:

  • Easy to adjust due to the clear pressure scale, so need of a regulator tester. 
  • This regulator comes in our middle pressure range to cover all calibers (ca 75-150 bar)
  • Up to 15-20% more shots with equal power because of the ultra compact build (tested in .25)
  • Excellent consistency.
  • Higher accuracy of your rifle due to the elimination of the pellet speed fluctuations

If you want to do some more tuning; the Huma Leshiy regulator has a clear pressure scale so you can easy adjust it to your wishes.
These regulators are also vented to the atmosphere without any modification to your pressure tube needed so no creeping up in power.
This model is tested by "Wingman" and there is a good review on the TAG Forum or check the direct link to to video


Huma-Air Quality Control

The regulator is CNC produced out of high grade aircraft Aluminum and bronze.
To guarantee a perfect product, every regulator is manually assembled, tested and adjusted to the requested pressure. 
We only use belleville springs designed for critical applications to achieve the highest repeat accuracy. This gives our regulators a repeat cycle less than 1% difference.


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All the best

Team Huma-Air

Gregor Kamensek -

Excellent replacement that enables better efficiency and more power and takes way less space in Leshiy's small air tube. Pressure adjustment is easy and clearly marked and the regulated pressure is extremely consistent. I highly recommend it!

Petar Angov -

It works great

Multani -

This is fantastic! Ed's regulator is very good but this is better in that it is smaller and the pressure settings are marked out making it very easy to tune the rifle. I'm getting multiple barrels for my Leshyi and I look forward to finding the optimum pressure setting to accomodate all the barrels, so that all I have to adjust is the hammer pressure for the maximum shots.

Gazza -

Excellent product! This makes the leshyi so customisable. Ed's regulator is good but this one is so much better. it is smaller so there is more air and more importantly, the regulator pressure is adjustable AND MARKED.

Very very very happy with mine! Many thanks!

Mac -

Leshiy gen2
stock reg set to 120-130 bar.
37 shots with JSB Exact Jumbo .22
176 m/s, sV 3 m/s, dV 5m/s, Eks 15,9J

set Huma-Air reg to ~95 bar and I received:
56 shots +63% with JSB Exact Jumbo .22
176 m/s, sV 1,19 m/s, dV 4,6m/s, Eks 16,05J

Peter -

Great quality, easy to set value, easy to install. With reg set to 110, pressure readout on Leshiy from 300 bar to 100 bar went from 15 shots to approx. 20. Nice shot count improvement. Will measure pellet speed on Chrony soon.


Excellent regulator, I note linear operation in the whole range of operating pressures

Andy -

Very good, made a big difference in shot count and very consistent, simple to fit and fast and efficient delivery

Maurits -

HUMA reg set at 110 bar (by scale on reg)
Fill pressure at 290 bar
.25 H&N FTT 19.91gr
250mm barrel
HST still on factory setting
No. of shots before going out of reg: 30
average speed: 205 m/s
deviation: 2,2 m/s (unbelievable!!)


Excellent regulator. Very precise and adds a few shots to the Leshiy.

PiterM -

1. EdGun reg set at 100+ bar (approx)
No. of shots before going out of reg: 39
average speed: 178 m/s
deviations: +4m/s -4m/s total deviation: 8m/s

2. HUMA reg set at 95 bar (by scale on reg)
No. of shots before going out of reg: 54 (shocking +38%)
average speed: 178 m/s
deviations: +2m/s -3m/s total deviation: 5m/s

Overall I'm more than impressed. Not only the regulation is better by almost 2m/s but shot count is almost 40% higher! And that's with 250 bar filling pressure. That is simply amazing!


mrv -

well marked and easy to adjust. this regulator give more shots and a little more velocity. very high quality regulator.

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