Edmu Digital Pressure Gauge for FX Impact 28 mm.
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Edmu digital mini pressure gauge 28 mm. with shotcount prediction, actual pressure, air consumption per shot, temperature and other nice features. Same size as the impact MKII pressure gauges.

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Digital mini pressure gauge, 28 mm diameter "Edmu" produced by Edgun Russia with optional black tactical cover.


This Edmu electronic mini pressure gauge with a diameter of 28 mm is state of the art and can be use on your FX Impact.
It has the same size as the currently used big pressure gauges on the Impact MKII

With the just one button operation mode you have acces to the several menu's of the gauge.
The gauge can show you:

  • The actual reservoir pressure in BAR of PSI
  • The outside temperature
  • Astimated numbers of shots left in the pressure tube
  • Average use of air per shot
There is a factory manual available for download here  Read it carefull as the single button operation mode needs some patiance and practice to get used to. When you are familair with it you won't want anything else!

We can make a black tactical cover for you manually, it is available in the drop down menu.

Suitable for 300 bar working pressure. It has a G1/8bsp treaded bottom connection, what makes it suitable for several other brands too. An o-ring is included for proper sealing on most airguns. 
Never exceet the factory adviced fill pressure of your rifle.




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Khattak - 31-08-2020 12:41

Good product and fast delivery, I wish it should be locally available in Pakistan... Cost an Arm and a Leg if buying from abroad due to shipping and custom...

Paul - 21-08-2020 22:54

its ok. Rather the wika gauge.

Graham Burton - 21-08-2020 11:01

Fantastic very accurate

Scott - 23-12-2019 20:02

Well worth the money, very fast delivery. Would advise all to buy.

Carl Starbuck - 03-12-2019 07:43

Fitted 2 of these to my FX Impact Mk2. Not only does this give me a highly accurate readout of bottle pressure, ambient temperature, and useful data like remaining shot count, but the ability to report regulator pressure to the nearest single bar of pressure, rather than the analogue dials which have approximately 10 bar represented by barely a milimeter of travel, allows for highly acurrate tuning of the gun's action. Those tuning their FX Impact using Ernest Rowe's instructions will find the digital gauges a huge asset, and for the gadget guys amongst us, they look superb on the gun! Bought 2 for my friend and local gunsmith for his Impact and these are now doing the business on a 2nd rifle too!

Nicolas Alvarez - 14-11-2019 22:00

Excellent,5 stars

Tony Churchill - 28-09-2019 23:31

I love it no more guessing or watching bottle whilst filling up looks great and you know if you have leak.

Patrick S. - 21-07-2019 16:16

great gauge , and very nice looking with the Tactical cover , this is spot on !