1. Is a depinger useful in addition to a regulator? No depinger is required when a regulator is fitted. The PING created by the valve open / close cycle is a sound wave migrating down length of air tube. A depinger upsets/defuses this sound wave eliminating most the ping … a regulator is a complete wall to the sound wave stopping any ping nearly 100%.
  2. How do i set up my rifle?
    On the fitting instructions page on our website you will find model specific fitting instructions and also general information about setting up your rifle properly.
  3. Are rebuild kits available? Yes, rebuild kits are available. As long as you open up the regulator at the back side with the C clip, the setting stays the same  and you can service, swap o-rings. When you want to unscrew the set screw, alway measure the total lenght of the regbody + screw so you can screw it back together in the same length. Please follow the regulator revision manual for full explanation.
  4. What are common factory settings? For the average FAC rifle in .177 it is around 125 bar and for .22 caliber it is around 130-135 bar. Average set pressure for .25 is 140-145 bar. BSA rifles tent to be a bit higher.
  5. How do I set or adjust the pressure? A manual is available for download on the website on how to adjust the pressure of the Huma air regulators. In between the slots of the set screw there is a fine mark on the side of the set screw indicating the right pressure. Click here to see a picture
  6. Are regulators all the same size? The .25 caliber models are physically larger when compared to the .22 caliber models. .30 calibers will be even longer.
  7. Can you fill “upstream” from the regulator? A regulator can only let air through one way, from high pressure side to low pressure side. So in case of a CZ200 a quickfill on the other end of the tube is necessary.
  8. Is the 12 ft/lbs (Low Pressure) and the FAC (High Pressure) regulator the same, only set differently? No, the low pressure has a different spring packet and is set to 90 Bar with a maximum of 110 Bar setting. The FAC version comes set at 130 BAR.
  9. What to do if my regulator creeps a bit?  Flipping over the white valve disk will probably solve the issue. Please follow the regulator revision manual.

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