FX .22 Hybrid Slugs
FX .22 Hybrid Slugs 22 grain
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FX .22 Hybrid Slugs in 22 grain. It took us a lot of effort to get this heavy stuff to be flown into Europe. But for those who want to steal the show: WE HAVE THEM IN STOCK AGAIN! price incl.EU VA

€ 15,95
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FX .22 Hybrid Slugs 22 grain. 100 pc hard box.

Finaly we got our hands again on a limited stock of FX Hybrid Slugs .22. 
With a lot of effort we got the FX Hybrid Slugs to be flown in from the US by express, but now exclusive availble for anyone worldwide again who wants to steal the show!

These "hybrid" slugs are specially designed to be used in normal airgun barrels, so no specific "slugbarrel" is needed. 

(The price shown includes European VAT. If you live outside the EU 21% VAT is deducted) 

We can sent a maximum of 4 boxes per shipment. If you need more items, please place a second order.

We use tracked priority shipping for this item. 
As the purchasing party you are responsible for checking that this product is legal according to your local laws and regulations. We ship on your behalf and therefore Huma-Air can not be held responsible for any legal issues in the country of the recipient.

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Gonzalo Arouca - 28-03-2020 13:50

Lovely service, received with no issues.
Excellent quality slugs, consistent weight and shape.
Shooting from my Diana 34 at 230 m/sec.
Lovely trajectory and impressive expansion, as would be expected.

Paulo Pureza - 11-03-2020 22:56

Excellent quality product the advice to buy

Stu Adair - 08-03-2020 08:12

Brilliant service to the UK, and have purchased more

Harry - 07-03-2020 14:21

Easy online order and delivered quickly and well packaged. Staff were helpful on email too. Would recommend them.

Tobi - 04-03-2020 22:19

8 shot group with wildcat mk I smooth twist 500 mm barrel at 50 m outdoors. standart settings for 18 grain jsb pushes fx slugs with 250 m/s. wind 15 to 20 kmh crossing. wind pushes group off app. one inch off aiming point, group size 23 mm, three clovering, two others touching. love´em

Miloš - 05-01-2020 19:56

Firs impression is great, after weighing avery single slug has exacly 22 grain. Consistent shape, a bit smaller then specified, but for now I am very happy with product. I will know more when I will try to shoot it.

Guus - 03-01-2020 18:44

Saw them on Instagram at Huma Air. Placed the order and with in a few days it arrived in good order.
Nice and clear emails with the progress of the package. They packed it well.
Thanks for the good service.