FX Valve Removal Tool FX Valve Removal Tool FX Valve Removal Tool FX Bottle Valve Removal Tool FX Bottle Valve Removal Tool
FX Valve Removal Tool FX Valve Removal Tool FX Valve Removal Tool FX Bottle Valve Removal Tool FX Bottle Valve Removal Tool
FX Bottle Valve Removal Tool
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FX Bottle Valve Removal Tool, to unscrew your FX Bottle Valve without damaging it. Also compatible with the Dreamline Compact Air Cylinder. An optional Stainless steel quickfill adaptor with foster m
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FX Bottle Fill Valve Removal Tool

This tool makes it easy to unscrew your FX fill valve off the bottle. It is also compatible with the Dreamline compact air cylinder.
The set comes with 4 pc of hardened dowel pins to secure the removal tool in the holes of the FX  bottle valve. You can clamp this tool gently in a vice or spanner, then place the bottle valve in the tool and secure it with the dowel pins and unscrew the valve of the bottle without damaging it.

It is made of one sturdy piece of aircraft aluminum with a black anodized finish layer.

As an option you can also us our stainless steel FX Bottle quickfill adapter to fixate the removal tool on top of the bottle. 

This solid, stainless steel, quickfill adaptor with foster male connection can be used to fill up your spare FX air tanks. Our special design makes sure you do not waste any air when the adaptor is screwed on- or off the bottle so you will always keep the maximum pressure left in the bottle.
The same way you normally fill your FX rifle, with your scuba tank and fill set, you can fill up your spare FX air tank. Just screw the adaptor into the bottle, connect your fill set with hose to the adaptor and fill up the bottle slowly to the maximum allowed fill pressure, close your scuba tank and depressurize the fillset and hose and you are ready. The quickfill adaptor can be unscrewed on- and off the bottle without losing any air.

The quickfill adaptor for FX bottle's is also equipped with a M4 treaded hole where a headless M4 allen bold can be screwed in, this can be used to open up the bottle's valve so you can depressurize a bottle or you can use it as a flow restrictor when filling the bottle so you will be sure the filling process will go slowly.

Note: This was designed for FX OEM bottles and valves. It may not fit the best fittings bottle or the bottles of other manufacturers.

Bottle and quickfill adapter are not included


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Phillip Capistrano - 25-08-2023 09:53

Product was exactly what I needed..

mark jeffery - 25-05-2023 17:14

Very well tool .

Vicente m - 22-01-2023 00:45

another really nice tool to have around for the removal and installation of fx bottle valves, and as always huma has the best shipping service I have ever experienced, thank you huma air,

Kevin Harris - 06-08-2022 00:10

Great tool for removing a unpressurized bottle valve. In my case it was a FX bottle.

Samuel García - 21-01-2022 12:13

Nice tool to have, very useful.

Travis - 11-10-2021 05:15

Works grate. Simple and easy to use.

Erkki - 04-10-2021 08:12

This is very hady tool for all FX bottles

Paulau - 17-06-2021 15:03

Parfait pour dévisser la soupape de ma bouteille Carbone FX !

Chris Kennaman - 14-04-2021 04:57

Works well and a lot better than using a C SPANNER/PIN WRENCH