FX Carbon Fiber Barrel Sleeve
FX Carbon Fiber Barrel Sleeve
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Carbon Fiber barrel sleeve for stiffening up your liner inside the barrelhousing. Great for harmonic tuning of you airrifle.

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FX Carbon Fiber Barrel Sleeve


This FX Carbon Fiber Barrel Sleeve is specially developed to stiffen up the liner of your FX air rifle, strongly reducing the harmonic vibrations (oscillating movement). By doing this, the barrel will have less movement, making for a better accuracy.

The carbon fibre used adds incredible stiffness while barely adding any weight. The tolerances are extremely tight, making the use of glue superfluous when mounting the FX Carbon Fiber Barrel Sleeve.


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Martin Schommer - 26-10-2021 12:23

Great Parts

peter - 19-10-2021 09:48

het is een verbetering ,de loop is veel stijver en minder gevoelig,

KK - 05-10-2021 09:33

This is a slip on fit and replace the usual spacers. The inherent accuracy of FX rifles will improve but you need considerable distance to notice. At 10 yards it is (still) one-hole groups. Easy installation and accurate fit +++

pistoleer - 04-10-2021 19:30

it is exactly what they say it is- on the .25 cal, 700 mm, I found accuracy was less, but on the .177, for the Crown @ 890 fps, it made a measurable improvement .

Sergio Ballen - 15-09-2021 20:49

Thank you!
It was an excellent purchase! I have solved some spiraling problems by firing slugs of 25 gr and 30 gr through the FX Slug Liner A, I have also solved a POI migration problem using FX Superior Liner, I still need to do more tests with other weights and diameters of projectile, until this moment testing GMI slugs in diameter .217, next I will test with .2165 and .218 slugs. Waiting for the FX harmonic tuner, ready for the .25 and .30 700mm carbon fiber sleeves

Phibes - 13-09-2021 10:42

Excellent service and support from the team at huma

Phibes - 13-09-2021 10:41

Excellent service as always

Chuck - 10-09-2021 17:09

This needs to be factory installed. Great product less poi shift and more accurate even with no glue

Kevin - 21-08-2021 04:35

Zeer gemakkelijk te monteren en meteen grote verbetering merkbaar in de groepering van de pellets . Super tevreden met deze aankoop

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