FX Dreamline Barrel Kit Smoot Twist X
FX Dreamline Barrel Kit Smooth Twist X
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Original FX Dreamline Barrel Kit, Smooth Twist X. This complete kit contains the barrel, the pelletliner and a pelletprobe so you can easily change calibers.

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FX Dreamline Smooth Twist X Barrel Kit

With this complete barrel kit (Smooth Twist X barrel) for the FX Dreamline you can easily change calibers. The kit consists of a barrel, a pelletliner and a pellet probe. Available in several calibers:

  • 5.5 mm 600mm barrel
  • 6.35 mm 600mm barrel
  • 7.62 mm 600mm barrel

Due to the huge demand of the FX liners and barrelkits we do not always get the amount of liners as we have ordered. If the model you need is mentioned "on stock" we can sent them out directly.  All other items are continiously in order and these  items we ship out in order of receipt a.s.a.p.

We use tracked priority shipping for this item. We can ship these parts seperately packed for safe and undamaged arrival in the country of destination.
As the purchasing party you are responsible for checking that this product is legal according to your local laws and regulations. We ship on your behalf and therefore Huma-Air can not be held responsible for any legal issues in the country of the recipient.

We do not ship these items to Sweden or the USA



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Joff - 16-12-2019 13:22

Great kit, now i can change calibers easy. I use the .25 barrel for shooting pellets and i got a slugliner for the .22 barrel kit to shoot slugs.
The guys from Huma got me updated in the delivery process as FX had to produce them and they were not in stock when i ordered them.

Cheers Joff