FX Dreamline External Power Plenum 17cc
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This Original FX Dreamline External Power Plenum Upgrade will bring your FX Dreamline to a total new level! Please note: Due to the high demand the leadtime of this items can be 3-4 weeks.

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FX Dreamline Power Plenum Upgrade Set (External)


FX Airguns is proud to announce the release of the Dreamline Power Plenum. What will ad 17cc of regulated air to your rifle.
This simple to install plenum extension that can be added to any existing Dreamline results in huge benefits!

Dreamline owners can expect an increase of velocity of up to 130 FPS depending on the caliber and weight of the projectile. This massive increase in plenum space makes it possible for the Dreamline to move heavier projectiles at their optimal speed and achieve even better accuracy. The Dreamline Power Plenum will also allow for lower regulator settings and air efficiency for those shooting the standard pellets each caliber is known for.

The Dreamline Power Plenum is a simple screw on adapter that any shooter can install easily without need for technical knowledge or fear of damaging the rifle. Simply de-gas the airgun, unscrew the air cylinder (or bottle & bottle adapter for bottle guns), screw on the Dreamline Power Plenum, screw back on the air cylinder (or bottle & bottle adapter for bottle guns), and refill the rifle with air. It's that simple!

If you are looking even more potential power to tune your FX Dreamline Tube Version to the maximum performance, we have our Internal Power Plenum XL 30cc Set (with or without our Huma-Air Tuning Regulator) available here 

Important notes:

The supply of the FX Power Plenum upgrade has stagnated severely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this special situation it is not possible to issue a delivery time for these parts.
So you are pre-ordering this item and we cannot ship them from stock.
We continue shipping orders as soon as we receive new shipments. 

We do not ship these items to Sweden, Canada or the USA. (Orders placed for these counties will be canceled)


We use tracked priority shipping for this item. We can ship these parts seperately packed for safe and undamaged arrival in the country of destination.
As the purchasing party you are responsible for checking that this product is legal according to your local laws and regulations. We ship on your behalf and therefore Huma-Air can not be held responsible for any legal issues in the country of the recipient.



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O.L - 20-02-2020 05:14

Installed in less than 5 minutes and was able to lower my reg pressure from 145 bar to 130 for 26.8 NSA Slugs. The slugs are Flying at. 918ft/sec.