FX Dreamline Bottle Tuning Regulator
FX Dreamline Tuning Regulator Gen 3 By Huma-Air
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Huma-Air tuning regulator Gen3 for the FX Dreamline Tube version above serial 2121769 (read note) and Bottle model. As replacement for the factory AMP regulator

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FX Dreamline Tuning Regulator Gen3 by Huma-Air (>2021)


This regulator is specially designed as a "one on one" replacement regulator for the bottled versions of the Dreamline models like the Dreampup Bottle, Dreamline Lite Bottle and the Dreamline Tactical Compact and also used in the Dreamline models with pressure tube since half 2021 with serial above 2121769. This serial is not a strick bond but an indication. If you have a FX Dreamline with pressure tube, please read the Important note on the end of this page. 


The benefits of the Huma-Air, FX Dreamline tuning regulator are:


  • The output performance of the Huma-Air Impact or Crown regulator won't be very different compared to a good functioning FX factory regulator, but we have some other benefits available
  • By using another type of material for the valve and piston, there is no way you can damage the piston because of faulty pressure adjustments.
  • We also supply some extra valves, so in case you adjust the pressure to the wrong side, and you damage the valve, it can be replaced without any extra costs.
  • This Huma-Air FX Dreamline regulator can be adjusted higher in pressure from the outside while the rifle is under pressure, if you want to lower the pressure, the rifle needs to be de-pressurized first otherwise the valve get damaged.

When you order your Huma-Air, FX Dreamline tuning regulator you will receive:

  • Your regulator preset to your own wishes
  • A pressure scale in Bar’s on the regulator, for fine-tuning or re-adjustment
  • We will include a “Huma-Air regulated” breech sticker
  • Fitting instructions as pdf download

Huma-Air Quality Control  

Huma Air regulators are CNC produced out of high grade aircraft aluminum and bronze. To guarantee a perfect product, every regulator is individually assembled, tested in a computerized simulation program and adjusted to the requested pressure. 
We only use high-end materials and our belleville springs are designed for critical applications to achieve the highest repeat accuracy. This gives our regulators a repeat cycle less than 1% difference.
Huma Air provides a 2-year warranty on their regulators. Excluded from warranty are shipping costs and parts that are subject to normal wear and tear such as o-rings and valve discs.


Pressure settings Huma-Air, FX Dreamline tuning regulator

The design of the tuning regulator makes it posible for setting it exactly to your wishes while placed in you FX Dreamline by watching the output pressure gauge on you rifle.

We have currently two pressure ranges for this Dreamline regulator available:

  • The extra high pressure range, 100-200 Bar will suit all calibers within the high power range and is also very suitable for the more extreme purposes with slugs and heavy pellets.
  • A low pressure range, 60-135 Bar, what will suit the lower power rifles like the sub 12 ft/lbs versions perfectly.

Please note: you need to do the stacking of the belleville springs on the piston yourself according to the manual, because we do not want to risk them to fall off the piston during shipping.

Important note:

FX changed the model of the regulator of the Dreamline with pressure tube about half 2021. Currently it is not mentioned on the factory exploded view. The model of the regulator can be identified by it appearance in the pressure tube.
The 2020 model pressure tube has an approximate 5 mm hole drilled into the pressure tube and the regulator is slid inside the pressure tube. At the >2021 model the regulator is screwed into the pressure tube from the outside. This model is similar as used in the FX Impact and Maverick.
Please check the picture below how to identify your regulator model.

If you need the 2020 model, please click here


Shipping & payment

We ship worldwide with tracked priority shipping. We ship these pneumatic parts well packed for safe and undamaged arrival in the country of destination. As the purchasing party you are responsible for checking that this product is legal according to your local laws and regulations. We ship on your behalf and therefore Huma Air can not be held responsible for any legal issues in the country of the recipient.

You can pay safely and secure online by means of all major payment providers, like paypal, and credit cards companies.

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AS - 15-05-2023 09:06

Regulator ermöglichte eine nahezu perfekte Konstanz, allerdings ließ sich der Druck nicht weit genug erhöhen, was wohl an zu schwachen Federn lag. Nach Rücksprache mit dem Tech Sup von Huma hätte ich die der Lieferung inkludierten 2 extra Federn verbauen können, mich aber für die Zusendung stärkerer Federn im Rahmen der Kulanz entschieden.
Mit stärkeren Federn ebenfalls wieder sehr hohe Konstanz (im Vergl zu FX AMP) und kein creepen, weshalb ich den Gen3 eigentlich implementiert habe. Absolut perfekt und zufrieden.
Danke an Huma-Air und den technischen Support, mit dem man sogar auf deutsch kommunizieren kann, was es mir pers leichter machte.

Žigi - 28-03-2023 18:06

Very good attitude, great communication when choosing the right performance for my needs. TOP processing, reliable function. Fast delivery.

Simon Jones - 29-11-2022 09:40

Updated review. Huma did reply to my emails and I need to find the reg here at home somewhere. Thanks guys

S Vartanian - 24-10-2022 17:35

Great product. Great company with excellent technical support.

william mcconachie - 24-03-2022 21:04

Hi this is a good quality product & would recommend it

Steffen - 11-03-2022 15:26

Super Service ,sehr schneller Versand nach Deutschland.Top Qualität .👍🏻

Fred Carter - 16-02-2022 21:12

The huma regular I replaced it in my fx dreamline and its been almost one month now.
I got to tell you this huma make a superior regular.
From 250 bar to 130 bar every shot I take is the same within a bar or to.
I would recommend that you change out the oem regular and use the huma by far

David Hughes - 04-02-2022 23:10

Excellent bit of kit, engineering and finish tops. Got a few other bits too will defo deal with this company again quick international delivery. Ty Huma

Franck Becanfa - 15-12-2020 11:45

Just recieved my reg Yesterday and did managed to install it into my impact.
Appart from the removal and replacement of the internal oring (not supplied), all the process was smooth.
I had a fast leak when installed firstly, but removed the reg and cleaned. Okay when installed.
I noticed some creep after installation, but this disappeared after 40 shots or so, I guess, due to the new reg settling.
I havent really tested after 15 hours but the shoot string seems good. Overhall, nice piece of kit. I will revert you asap with more details.

Ray - 04-12-2020 09:33

Before the rifle is out the box I order this regulator - along with replacement gauges for accurate air monitoring.
This reg does not creep and is as solid as a rock. Why FX dont fit the Huma Reg at the factory is beyond me ...

Richard - 01-12-2020 19:49

Well made & works great. I personally think that it is a lot better than the fx regulator.

Chad - 10-05-2020 15:50

A great addition to any FX rifle.