FX Impact Caliber Exchange Set with V2 Dual Hole Transfer Port and High Flow Pin- or Pellet Probe
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Huma-Air Caliber Exchange Set with V2 Dual Hole Transfer Port and High Flow Pin- or Pellet Probe allows you to change the caliber of your FX Impact with the use of your excisting barrel components.

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FX Impact Caliber Exchange Set with V2 Dual Hole Transfer Port and High Flow Pin- or Pellet Probe By Huma-Air


This caliber exchange set with V2 dual hole transferport and high flow pin OR pelletprobe (select one) makes it posible to change the caliber of your FX impact with the use of your excisting barrel sleeve and barrelshroud.
The set excists of a stainless steel barrel attachment with our V2 dual hole transfer port, a liner lock nut, a high flow pellet/slugprobe OR a pin probe (select one) and the supporting o-rings for the optional FX liner inside the barrel sleeve (the liner itself is not included)

By using this kit, your excisting barrelsleeve and shroud, you can change the liner of your FX Impact with a liner of the same length and a different caliber. 

(Also available for the FX Dreamline)



Changing from a larger caliber to a smaller caliber does not require any modifications to your shroud or moderator, because the bore of the shroud and moderator will be large enough.
When you go upwards to a larger caliber, you need to check the bore of the shroud and moderator, and if needed open up the diameter of the bore of the shroud and moderator to match your new caliber;

Minimum bore diameter for a fixed shroud would be:
Cal .22 = 6,5 - 7 mm. bore
Cal .25 = 7,5 - 8 mm. bore
Cal. 30 = 8,5 - 9 mm. bore

With an telescopic shroud we would advice you to use a larger bore as there can be some more movement in the construction so the pellets won't clip.
Minimum bore diameter for a telescopic shroud would be:
Cal .22 = 7 mm. bore
Cal .25 = 8 mm. bore
Cal. 30 = 9 mm. bore


Dual Hole V-2 Transfer Port and High Flow Pellet- and slugprobe OR Pin Probe Included:

The V-shaped transfer opening makes sure you will have the maximum and smoothest air passage area. The middle support bridge divides the transfer port into a dual hole port and the middle bridge makes sure the pellet or slug nose cannot fall into the enlarged transferport hole, but will be guided smoothly by the middle bridge into the barrel.
This set also includes our high flow, stainless steel, pellet and slug probe OR a stainless steel Pin Probe.
Together, this set will give the maximum airflow behind the projectile.

These sets are developed for slugs and pellet use! and can be used in combination with our power tuning hammerspring 

The liner itself is not included, you can order the FX Superior Liners here or order the FX Superior Heavy Liners here

Any modification done to the airflow of your rifle, will affect the entire setup and performance, you might need to re-adjust the settings of your rifle again to get the best possible performance.

Shipping & payment

We ship worldwide with tracked priority shipping. We ship these pneumatic parts well packed for safe and undamaged arrival in the country of destination. As the purchasing party you are responsible for checking that this product is legal according to your local laws and regulations. We ship on your behalf and therefore Huma Air can not be held responsible for any legal issues in the country of the recipient. You can pay safely and secure online by means of all major payment providers, like paypal, and credit cards companies.


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Saut - 20-06-2021 06:02


Maurice - 26-04-2021 17:02

Ideaal deze set en super kwaliteit
Zou ook mooi zijn als de bijbehorende barreltubes in verschillende lengths bereikbaar zouden zijn

Juan - 02-04-2021 21:37

very happy with the Huma products recommended I will continue buying

mario - 15-03-2021 10:28

very good kit to change caliber

Joe - 13-03-2021 17:23

The best and most cost efficient way to change calibers if you don't want to buy a whole barrel kit. All you need is your choice of liner in the caliber you want. Fits perfect and easy to install. Awesome!!!

Ryan - 02-03-2021 17:20

Brilliant products
Brilliant service

juan andreu - 01-03-2021 00:22

muy recomendable calidad superior , servicio impecable un pequeño problema y solución rápida
eficaz hasta la próxima altamente recomendable

Mark - 28-02-2021 00:40

Great service and good workmanship

Ethan - 27-02-2021 01:14

Kit works great and can save you a good bit of money over a complete barrel kit. Could use better instructions for install or video. Did not know the current barrel needed to be heated to remove loctite.

Ken - 25-02-2021 15:12

Perfect, Huma Air shipped fast and arrived at my door in the USA faster than expected. this product was easy to install and worked just as advertised

Chris Kennaman - 23-02-2021 04:50

Excellent kit, easy to fit, works fantastic. The usual Huma Air quality

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