FX Impact Power Plenum Upgrade Set
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This Original FX Impact Power Plenum Upgrade Set will bring your FX Impact to a total new level!

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FX Impact Power Plenum Upgrade Set



This original FX Impact power plenum upgrade set will bring your FX Impact to a whole new level as at opens up the ability to shoot an even wider variety of airgun projectiles (Slugs) at optimal velocities.
The Power Plenum adds an extra amount of regulated air what will result in a better efficency of the rifle with higher power levels and a lower regulator setpoint.

FX Impact Power Plenum Benefits:


1. Higher velocities can be obtained. For instance, the standard .22 caliber FX Impact previously achieved 32 Ft/Lbss. of muzzle energy with standard pellets. With the FX Power Plenum added to the .22 caliber Impact, though tuned from the factory to still shoot at 32 Ft/Lbs, you can now adjust the gun and shoot heavier slugs and obtain as high as 60 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle Energy.

2. Lower velocities still available. While the higher powers are now achievable, often shooters want lower power to for different shooting situations (or to simply extend shot count). Thanks to the internal part changes to the Impact, the lower velocities can still be achieved.

3. Increased shot count per fill. With the FX Power Plenum, the 75 shots per fill that the standard tuned .25 caliber Impact previously achieved, is now increased to 110 shots per fill. That’s just one example.

4. Lower regulator pressure required. You get the same velocity result with lower regulator pressure due to the FX Power Plenum. Lower pressure will also result in less wear and tear maintenance to your rifle, says FX Airguns.



We use tracked priority shipping for this item. We can ship these parts seperately packed for safe and undamaged arrival in the country of destination.
As the purchasing party you are responsible for checking that this product is legal according to your local laws and regulations. We ship on your behalf and therefore Huma-Air can not be held responsible for any legal issues in the country of the recipient.



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Ayie - 11-02-2021 21:54

More power.. And go to another level. Fast delivery

Rolf-Erik Hafgren - 09-01-2021 20:16

Great package and great delivery. Parts easy to place and i recomend this to everyone who will put this on his Impact.
Couldnt be better. WOW.

dennis crowell - 29-12-2020 01:44

Easy install! MAN IT GOT HERE FAST!

Dang le - 20-12-2020 03:24


Ray - 17-12-2020 09:04

Installed on all my Impacts, wouldn't be without it, combine it with the Huma Regulator and the gun is something else.... installation is simple if you follow the online videos... yes, it is a full strip down but only nuts and bolts... no special tools required.... highly recommended.

Brad - 16-12-2020 19:18

Super fast shipping to United States. Faster than most in state places. Great product, and easy to install. All the orings came already setup on mine, so no worrying about which one went were. I put this on my impact Gen 1, and works great.

Brad - 06-12-2020 17:47

Super fast shipping to United States. It’s faster than most places here in the states. I have a generation one impact, and it worked flawlessly. All the orings were already installed when I got it, so all I had to do was watch the video on how to put it together. Works great

andy m wigan uk - 01-12-2020 16:28

super service and great product
thank you
would and have use again


Darren Lindsay - 30-11-2020 09:10

Excellent product and great service as always

Nigel hicklin - 13-11-2020 14:37

Great product fast and speedy delivery

John eden - 11-11-2020 08:34

Great product and excellent service

Steve - 08-11-2020 15:58

The power plenum as made such a difference glad i bought it well done Huma. Ordering is easy and a speedy service .

Colin taxi - 03-11-2020 20:23

Excellent Quick & Efficient Service top notch part’s

Scott c - 02-11-2020 22:49

Amazing service fast delivery cheapest online price thanks

George Fenstemaker - 30-10-2020 00:37

Love the power plenum upgrade ! Fast reliable shipping . Great people to do business with . Now I just need a new seal kit for it . Must have nicked a o-ring on installing , slow ,slow leak . Great company , looking forward to doing more business with them in future !

Karl - 21-10-2020 18:24

Excellent service and excellent quality products, highly recommended 5 star service.

Loren - 15-10-2020 21:58

I added the transfer port kit along with the Power Plenum kit to my 30 cal Impact X and took it from a 78FPE rifle to a 98FPE rifle without touching any regulator pressures or tuning. Huma shipped both kits super fast to USA. As always a great shop to do business with!!

Lalzarmawia - 08-09-2020 06:00

Thanks huma...my gun can shoot harder now...and pp makes look prettier.....

Karl Hart - 07-05-2020 00:10

Great products and a great speedy service. Very helpful staff would recommend to anyone

Andreas - 01-03-2020 12:57

Yes ordered, and can’t wait to receive and install it

Eddie - 29-02-2020 18:21

what an improvement takes the mk 1 impact to the next level . good one huma not the first time i've ordered from you and won't be the last

Colin - 24-01-2020 20:42

Got the power plenum 🤘 and works great 😉 again huma great products best service 😋

Colin - 31-12-2019 20:51

Yes ordered one can’t wait . Huma the best company there is 👍

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