FX Impact Tuning Valve Return Spring Hammerspring and rubber buffer ball
FX Impact Power Tuning Valve Return Spring + Rubber Buffer Ball
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Power tuning valve return spring and rubber buffer ball for your FX Impact with Power Plenum. *** WORLD WIDE SHIPPING PER ENVELOPPE ***

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Power tuning valve return spring for your FX Impact with Power Plenum 


This slightly weaker valve return spring can be used on any FX Impact equipped with the genuine FX Power Plenum. This spring has a bit weaker powercurve compared to the original valve return spring what will result in a bit longer valve opening time to get some more extra power out of your rifle.
It's great when you want to tune your FX impact for slugs or hybride slugs.
The rubber buffer ball is placed inside the spring and limits the stroke lenght of the valve. 

Also it makes a perfect combination with our FX Impact Tuning Hammer Spring

Please note:

When using this valve return spring in the M3 or an impact where the 720 plenum kit is fitted the rubber ball should not be used. The new valve adjuster alrady has a rubber buffer installed and adding this ball will result in a reduced stroke and loss in power.



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les gaskell - 06-04-2022 23:12

arrived as said cheaper than bagnalls just go to huma and save money

Jim G - 12-11-2021 02:29

This makes finding the correct high velocity to shoot slugs much easier.

Chris Kennaman - 14-04-2021 05:00

Easy to fit, Works well.

Åke - 23-03-2021 19:37

excellent product