FX Impact and FX Crown Tuning Regulator Gen3
FX Impact and Crown Tuning Regulator Gen 3 By Huma-Air
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Huma-Air tuning regulator Gen 3 for the FX Impact and FX Crown airrifle as replacement for the factory regulator with a 16 mm piston and 10 mm belleville springs.

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FX Impact and FX Crown Gen 3 Tuning Regulator by Huma-Air

is specially designed as a "one on one" replacement regulator for your FX Impact and FX crown. Unfortunately the fixed limited space in the FX Impact and Crown action was not sufficient for our standard Huma-Air Regulator design, so we had to comply our design to the ratio's used by FX.
Nevertheless we have accomplished to make a great replacement regulator what will solve the know issues of the factory regulator.

This is the Gen3 model what is compatible with factory models with 16 mm long pistons and 10 mm belleville disk springs.


The benefits of the Huma-Air, FX Impact and FX Crown Gen 3 tuning regulator are:

  • The recovery time in between shots is much faster compared to the factory regulator.
  • This Huma-Air FX impact or Crown regulator can be adjusted higher in pressure from the outside while the rifle is under pressure.
  • Equal as the factory reg, if you want to lower the pressure, the rifle needs to be de-pressurized first otherwise the valve get damaged.
  • By using another type of material for the valve and piston, there is no way you can damage the piston because of faulty pressure adjustments.
  • We also supply some extra valves, so in case you adjust the pressure to the wrong side, and you damage the valve, it can be replaced without any extra costs.

When you order your Huma-Air, FX Impact or FX Crown Gen 3 tuning regulator you will receive:

  • A pressure scale in Bar’s on the regulator, for fine-tuning or re-adjustment
  • We will include a “Huma-Air regulated” breech sticker
  • Fitting instructions as pdf download


Huma-Air Quality Control  

Huma Air regulators are CNC produced out of high grade aircraft aluminum and bronze. To guarantee a perfect product, every regulator is individually assembled, tested in a computerized simulation program and adjusted to the requested pressure. 
We only use high-end materials and our belleville springs are designed for critical applications to achieve the highest repeat accuracy. This gives our regulators a repeat cycle less than 1% difference.
Huma Air provides a 2-year warranty on their regulators. Excluded from warranty are shipping costs and parts that are subject to normal wear and tear such as o-rings and valve discs.


Pressure settings of the Huma-Air, FX Impact or FX Crown Gen 3 tuning regulator

The design of the tuning regulator makes it posible for setting it exactly to your wishes while placed in your FX Impact or FX Crown by watching the output pressure gauge on you rifle.

We have currently three pressure ranges for the FX Impact or FX Crown Gen3 regulator available:

  •  The High Pressure range, 100-165 Bar, what will suit all calibers within the normal FAC range.
  •  The Extra High Pressure range, 145-190 Bar for more extreme purposes and very good for the slugs and heavy pellets
  •  A low pressure ranges what will suit the sub 12 ft/lbs versions perfetly

Please note: you need to do the stacking of the belleville springs on the piston yourself according to the manual, because we do not want to risk them to fall off the piston during shipping.


Shipping & payment

We ship worldwide with tracked priority shipping. We ship these pneumatic parts well packed for safe and undamaged arrival in the country of destination. As the purchasing party you are responsible for checking that this product is legal according to your local laws and regulations. We ship on your behalf and therefore Huma Air can not be held responsible for any legal issues in the country of the recipient.

You can pay safely and secure online by means of all major payment providers, like paypal, and credit cards companies.



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Darren - 09-12-2021 18:32

Great piece of kit and came sooner than expected. Ace

Eddie - 24-10-2021 20:54

Excellent choice fited this regulator to my crown the consistency between shot to shot is spot on well worth the money

Joseph - 13-10-2021 08:11

Huma luchtregelaar werkt perfect. Geeft mijn FX Crown de precisie die ik wilde bekomen was goed verpakt en snel geleverd.

Simone - 24-09-2021 14:54

The best support and online store. Availability and professionalism to solve problems at the highest level! Huma is a guarantee for products and reliability. Top customer support, kindness and friendliness. The best shop on the web!

Thom D - 20-08-2021 06:40

Do your research before you start and you'll have no problems installing this regulator. No more creep after I installed this in my Crown MK II. Excellent product.

José luis - 21-06-2021 11:33

Mi experiencia con un gen 3 extra alta potencia le tengo regulado a 140 bar y se repasa hasta 155 el montaje ha sido correcto quiero pensar que es porque le te yo a 140 bar y son para trabajar entre 145 y 200 he hecho preguntas pero nadie me ha contestado por lo demás he tenido otros huma y la verdad que son muy pero que muy buenos

Manuel Lino - 20-04-2021 11:48

5 estrelas

Péter Gábor - 04-04-2021 19:04

Good quality, charges quickly, keeps the set value precisely. It doesn't creep.
Easy to maintain!

KK - 03-03-2021 20:15

Great. Works as advertised. Be careful with the screwdriver as the aluminium body is quite soft.

Trevor Pollock - 04-12-2020 09:03

Exceptional regulator with everything required to fit it to a .25 FX Crown.
Exceptionally high quality parts & postage to Australia was 13 days delivered to my do.
Exceptional team all round at HUMA.

Mike D - 12-10-2020 11:32

Arrived quickly, very easy to fit, accurate.

Neil - 24-09-2020 18:46

Real easy to to fit and setup, like my son Scott has said aluminum body is easy to damage when setting reg pressure and installing.

Scott - 06-09-2020 23:41

Works brilliantly and has fixed the issue i was having with my impact, i rate it 4 stars however as the regulator housing is aluminium and during installation it was externally damaged even by the light force to install the regulator into the body of the rifle. Other Than that, it was easy to set the pressure and get to firing.

Vicente m - 22-05-2020 21:42

I ordered this Huma Regulator to replace the factory one on my crown. what a great difference it made. it’s much faster with no creep or that air sucking noise that the stock regulator used to make. Thumbs up for huma air.

Christian Riedel - 29-03-2020 17:04

Huma air regulator works perfect. Gives my FX Crown the precision you want shot after shot. It refill quickly the working pressure after firing.

paul - 02-03-2020 11:55

bought for my crown works well no issues

Gregor Erzer - 20-02-2020 15:55

Super , however i bought a Gen 1.
It works perfekt with my impact.
I am very happy with it.
Thanks a Lot.
Regards Gregor

pauline hancock - 19-02-2020 11:41

Excellent. Easy to follow explicit instructions on how to fit the regulator to the gun. The regulator works perfectly

Ariete - 20-01-2020 17:45

Excellent product, however huma is a guarantee, thank you

Levi - 18-01-2020 17:53

Very good and alot better then standard. Worth the money if you can afford it.

William Smith - 08-01-2020 01:25

A much better regulator than the FX OEM one. Produced shot-to-shot consistency in projectile velocity over a 40-shot string; difference of 9 fps extreme spread, with the standard deviation being only 3 fps ! Well worth the money for anyone seeking best possible repeatable shot-to-shot consistency which is critical for accuracy.

Tom Van Ginkel - 21-12-2019 23:53

best regulator I have ever had the original of fx is also good only the response time of this is faster and therefore better for me

Tom Van Ginkel - 21-12-2019 23:50

best regulator I've ever had works like that of fx but is faster in response time

Paul - 30-10-2019 14:51

Impressive item and service. Thank you

Stanford - 23-10-2019 00:22

Great product!!! I replaced my Amp regulator with the HP Huma regulator and it works flawlessly

StuartD - 07-09-2019 12:35

Huge improvement over the standard FX reg. (Gen 3)

Rik - 09-07-2019 19:14

Top product! regulates very fast and no creep at all. Quick delivery! I bought the high pressure variant.
Thanks Huub and Marc!

LSD, UK - 16-05-2019 21:51

Great comms, great product and excellent after sales.

Mr. Griffith - 26-03-2019 10:17

With out a doubt the Huma regulator is a far better quality than the FX version. I purchased the FX Impact knowing that they have a problem with power, but I had always had the intention of removing the regulator and replacing it with a Huma regulator. This has solved all my power problems.
The only thing to be aware of is that you only can put 10 springs on the 16mm piston, not the 12 they supply and show on the installation manual.
I put approximately 1000 shots through the regulator to make sure the piston seated correctly and now it’s an absolute pleasure to use with out any power problems.

Goran Kovacevic - 26-03-2019 09:28

Very satisfied

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