FX Impact black tactical pressure gauge cover 23 mm. short model (regulator pressure)
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Convert your FX Impact regulator pressure gauge into a sturdy tactical look with this black gauge cover cap. Fits the Huma-Air and FX Impact 23 mm. regulator pressure gauge.

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Black tactical pressure gauge cover cap for the FX Impact regulator pressure gauge

This black gauge cover will give your FX Impact a sturdy and tactical look as it converts the shiny hexagon pressure gauges into a round black tactical looking gauge.
The cover is made of solid delrin and has a push on construction what will fitt on our Huma-Air  and FX 23 mm. pressure gauges as used on the FX Impact.
This model is slightly shorter as the the 23 mm FX Impact fill pressure gauge cover at the side of the rifle, as the regulator presure gauge is sunk a bit into the action of the rifle.

If you want to upgrade your FX Impact fill pressure gauge to the MKII looks with the big pressure gauge, we have an original, high quality, Wika 28 mm pressure gauge and matching tactical cover available too.


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