FX impact crown Regulator tester digital
FX Regulator test gauge 65 mm digital G1/8-BSP
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Huma-Air 65 mm digital regulator test gauge, for fine adjustment and testing of your FX Impact, Dreamline, Wildcat or Crown regulator. Equipped with G1/8BSP treads.

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FX Impact, Crown, Wildcat, Dreamlite and Dreamline digital regulator tester gauge for the professional tuners among us.

This large digital pressure gauge can be screwed into the treaded hole were normally the small factory pressure gauge is placed.
(The FX Wildcat has a small hole on the side of the action)
This gauge is very handy if you want to fine adjust your regulator set pressure.
Or check the proper working and cycling and adjust the regulator after a full rebuild or just experiment to find out the best pressure setting of your rifle.

The input pressure is suitable up to for 250 bar and and it is equipped with G1/8BSP treads. (without adapter the connection is G1/4BSP)

This gauge is an "economical digital pressure gauge" we use these also in our workshop and they are accurate and reliable. They have a high-precision sensor and they show the pressure accurately in real time. This digital pressure gauge has several functions like;  zero clearing, backlight, on/off button, units selection and low voltage alarm.
This gauges can also be used in combination with the large universal Huma-Air regulator testers.



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Rudi Nussbaum - 05-04-2020 16:22

Finaly a decent and accurate pressure gauge! And for a VERY good price! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GAUGE TO SEE HOW MUCH AN FX Impact regulator gauge is “off” and giving fake readouts!! For example: on the original gauge i had 135 bar reg pressure. I switched to the digital gauge, and it surprised me how much these chinese gauges that they put on +€2.000 Airguns. True pressure was 118 instead of 135 bar.
Need to know it EXACTLY TIGHT? Than get this digital gauge. It’s plug & play. Takes not even 1 minute. THANKS HUMA!!

AugieS - 04-04-2020 09:43

Really a great addition to my arsenal of “tuning tools”. Been wanting one for awhile, and I’m glad I invested in this product. I got tired of trying to use a small 28mm gage that came off another gun to try and check gun fill reg pressure. Half the time the mini gage’s threads weren’t deep enough to seal against the delrin seal or I’d try an o ring and that, too, would fail. This’ll take care of any more future pressure verifications

Richard Macefield - 07-03-2020 11:07

Made setting up my impact much easier. Had it in the past use the standard gauges on the gun . But now this makes setting my gun up much easier

Howard - 27-08-2019 16:10

This really comes in handy when I adjust my regulator. I just swap out the gauge on my rifle and I have a super accurate reading easy to see. It’s nice to feel confident when your making changes. Takes away any doubt you might of had about what pressure your gun actually registers.

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