FX Wildcat MKII Compact:

A great topic on the Airgun Nation Forum started by "CHUCK" how he tuned his FX Wildcat MKII Compact:

Chuck Peffley is in love with his FX Wildcat .25 and his FX Streamline .25 air rifles. He contacted us here at Huma-Air a couple years ago to see if we would create a regulator to fit in his FX rifles, but at that time we had no intention of doing so. But Chuck kept encouraging us to do so in the belief that his idea would benefit not only him but many other FX Wildcat and Streamline owners also. We finally agreed providing he would take all the measurements from his Wildcat necessary for us to create a prototype and emailed him a line drawing of what data we needed, and the first prototype was a fact. 

Chuck was absolutely thrilled with the Wildcat regulator we created for him, so together we made the step to make a model for the Streamline with a matching plenum spacer too. Chuck has been very enthusiastic in telling the whole world about the performance of his FX rifles and the performance of the Huma-Air regulators. He has never asked any kind of sponsorship from us, but he has our heartfelt gratitude for selflessly helping so many others on the AirgunNation forum with his knowledge how to install our regulators in their Wildcats and Streamlines. I truly believe he is a wonderful asset to our airgun community.

Here is a quote from a recent post he made regarding his installation of a Huma-Air regulator and tuning of one of the new FX Wildcat MKII Compact air rifles. He tuned the test rifle to achieve the highest shot count possible while retaining its factory specification of 45 foot pounds of energy. Great job Chuck!
 "As you can see Ted's gun is tuned to shoot the JSB Exact Kings at 890 ft/s to achieve 45 ft lbs energy for a total shot count of 26 shots. I was able to tune my test gun to shoot the 25.4 Kings at an average velocity of 897 ft/s to achieve the 45 fpe factory spec, but I was able to achieve a total shot count of 42 shots. That is a total of 16 more shots…or 2 full magazines more shots for a total of 5 full magazines per fill! She was purring like a little kitty by the time I was finished."   

You may contact CHUCK on the AirgunNation Forum for help with installing a Huma-Air regulator in your own  FX Wildcat or FX Streamline rifle. If you do not have the time to do it yourself or are not mechanically inclined to do so, you might ask him about just sending your rifle to him to do the installation and tune it for you.


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