Huma-Air FX Wildcat MKII High Flow V2 transferport and pellet or slug Probe
FX Wildcat MKII High Flow V2 Dual Hole Transfer Port Set With Slug- and Pellet Probe
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High flow set, dual hole V2 transfer port with middle support bridge and high flow stainless steel pellet- and slug probe to get the maximum airflow out of your FX Wildcat MKII.

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High Flow, Dual Hole V2 Transfer Port Set With Slug- And Pellet Probe For Your FX Wildcat MKII,

The successor to our high flow dual hole transferport;  we have managed to optimize and even enlarge the air passage in this new version 2 of our High Flow V2 Dual Hole Transferport. The V-shaped transfer opening makes sure you will have the maximum and smoothest air passage area. The middle support bridge divides the transfer port into a dual hole port. This middle bridge makes sure the pellet or slug nose cannot fall into the enlarged transferport hole, but will be guided smoothly by the middle bridge into the barrel. This set also includes our high flow, stainless steel, pellet and slug probe. Together, this set will give the maximum airflow behind the projectile. The dual hole transfer port has 76% larger air passage area (in .22)   


Please note:

Any modification done to the airflow of your rifle, will affect the entire setup and performance, you might need to re-adjust the settings of your rifle again to get the best possible performance.

Available in .177, .22, .25 and .30


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