FX Wildcat Power Plenum XL With Tuning Regulator
FX Wildcat Power Plenum XL Set With Tuning Regulator
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Huma-Air Power Plenum XL Set With Tuning Regulator for the FX Wildcat (MKI, MKII & MKIII) This set ads 30CC of regulated air to the excisting airvolume and is the base of your power tuning

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Huma-Air Power Plenum XL Set With Tuning Regulator For The FX Wildcat MKI & MKII


This Power Plenum XL Tune Set with regulator for the FX Wildcat can be placed into the pressure tube within a minute and replaces the original regulator.
It ads 30CC of volume of regulated air, what will give you the perfect base for a power tune of your FX Wildcat.
The set comes with our Huma-Air FX Wildcat regulator for maximum concistancy over the total pressure range of the pressure tube and solves all the known issues of the original regulator.
(if you have previously bought a Huma-Air regulator for you Wildcat; The Power Plenum XL is backwards compatible with our previous models regulators and also available here without the regulator)

The benefits of the Huma-Air Power Plenum XL Set With Regulator for your FX Wildcat:

  • Achieve maximum available power due to the huge (30CC) regulated air chamber
  • Higher accuracy of your rifle due to the elimination of the pelletspeed fluctuations
  • A constant pellet speed over the full working pressure range.
  • Your rifle can work with a lower regulator pressure due to the higer efficency
  • This set will give you a fantastic base for further tuning of your rifle


When you order your FX Wildcat Power Plenum XL Set With Huma-Air Regulator you will receive:

  • Your regulator preset on to your own wishes.
  • The Power Plenum with 30 CC of regulated air
  • A pressure scale in Bar on the regulator, for fine-tuning or re-adjustment.
  • We will include a “Huma-Air Regulated” breech sticker.
  • Fitting instructions as pdf download.


Pressure settings of the FX Wildcat Power Plenum XL Set With Huma-Air Regulator


The regulator comes preset on the most common pressure setting, or we will adjust it according to your personal wishes. It is also equipped with a clear pressure scale label, so you can very easy re-adjust or fine tune the pressure setting suitable to your wishes.
The pressure is stepless adjustable from 100-170 bar.


Huma-Air Quality Control


Huma-Air regulator's are CNC produced out of high grade aircraft Aluminum and bronze.
To guarantee a perfect product, every regulator is manually assembled, tested and adjusted to the requested pressure. 
We only use high-end materials and our belleville springs are designed for critical applications to achieve the highest repeat accuracy. This gives our regulators a repeat cycle less than 1% difference.

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k.G. - 05-06-2021 08:18

I ordered this huma reg for my fx wc mk3 as the original one didn't stop air leaking now the problem has been solved shot count & consistency also better very happy with this buy.

John squillace - 31-05-2021 21:23

Huma regulator is the most precise unit for your wildcat, if you are looking to gain more power and better shot count and accuracy then look no further. Simple to install yourself and will make your shooting more pleasurable. I have personally installed this in my wildcat in less than 40 minutes. I am completely satisfied.

Mike Ward - 02-05-2021 22:34

I purchased the XL plenum,quick connector and pressure gage. I already had the UHMA high flow V2 dual hole transferport. All products are build to very high standards and I will be buying various parts in the future thank you


Henrik Blocher - 30-03-2021 18:34

Helt enligt önskemål!!!

LoSHka - 17-03-2021 21:54

wish it came wih some direction but a short search on youtube saved the day. excellent product!

Marcus - 28-02-2021 21:24

Very easy to fit. Woke up my MK 1 Wildcat by increasing output from 32fpe to 38fpe with maybe another magazine (8 shots) on the fill.
Highly recommended.

DAVID G - 16-02-2021 21:13

Great replacement for fx regulator which failed after a week on a new gun and was supposedly fixed by the supplier. Would recommend this item to anyone buying a fx should be installed at manufacture to avoid problems related to their product.

Peter Towe - 12-01-2021 00:04

Great quality and it arrived pretty quick.
I’ve never opened a gun before so the prices was pretty daunting for me but honestly after watching the videos online. It was pretty straight forward snd I managed to do it in 30 mins. That was doing it super carefully snd double checking myself. If I had to do it again I could fit this on my wildcat mk3 in 15 mins.
It’s make my gun much more consistent and I actually enjoyed the process.
Really worth it

Kenny B - 25-12-2020 14:33

My FX regulator was so unreliable that I decided to purchase the Huma, it's the dogs danglies and works a treat. I have since purchased another for my Daystate. One improvement that would make the Huma reg the absolute winner would be to allow you to make adjustments of the regulator once installed!

Rob Bradfield - 14-11-2020 11:39

I can't praise this company and product enough.
First class communication.
Quick delivery.
So simply to fit, following video.
Unbelievable power increase 32ftb to 40.3ftb by adjusting hammer spring.
High shot count as well!!!!


Watty - 03-10-2020 10:54

Hi i purchased the regulator and plenum from Huma a great bunch of guys very helpful, unfortunately i had a small leak comming from the breathing holes so i stripped the regulator and replaced the seals all good now thanks to Huma for there time and patience
Cheers Watty

Mvillano - 15-06-2020 08:26

delivery was fast. From Huma to the Philippines it took only 6 days. Installation was a breeze never had any problems during installation. My stock 22 Wildcat MK1 shoots 870 to 900 fps using jsb 18 with around 30 fps spread at 9 hammer turns. I set the huma reg with xl plenum to 120 bar it shoots 980 fps i dialed down the hammer spring to 6 turns and it shoots 900 to 910 fps using jsb 18. Havent tried the shot count but base on my tank guage i think it improved alot. Accuracy improved due to the low fps spread.

Samrong - 09-06-2020 13:24

The best quality and price.
You will never go back to original. Haha

Samrong - 09-06-2020 13:24

The best quality and price.
You will never go back to original. Haha

Eric - 31-05-2020 16:57

Very happy so far. Installation was straightforward. I have not yet done extensive tuning of my Mk II 25 C, but at first I am getting about 10% more power with about 10% less air use. I have more tuning work to do, which I will enjoy.

So, I ordered a Huma + plenum for my Marauder pistol, too!

Dan - 29-05-2020 05:30

Great product. I got more power with more shots and was a very easy part to install.
Now that my .30 wildcat is so amazing I’m going to toss one in my .25 wildcat next.

eugenio ortega - 27-04-2020 16:21

Excelente producto no se demoró casi nada en llegar a chile muy contento con la compra ....

Darren - 06-04-2020 09:36

Fitted today on Widcat mk11 . Was getting around 860 with old set up.
After fitting reg and XL plenum at 130bar plus about 51/2 hammer turns I'm getting 965 for around 50 shots. Fantastic work Huma 👍

AugieS - 04-04-2020 09:52

Great addition to a factory MK2, and if you already have a Huma reg installed, the power plenum is also a great addition. I just tuned a gun to shoot 44.75 grain Vortex pellets at 920 FPS for 4 mags, or 28 shots at an extreme spread of 7 FPS.
As far as end result accuracy, we were snapping off golf tees at 55 yards.

Thank you, Huub, for a fine product. These wildcats needed something to better their plenum size, and you came through

cristian - 03-04-2020 04:38

excelente producto no se demoró casi nada en llegar a chile muy contento con la compra ....

Nick - 01-04-2020 19:04

I like it. Set at 125 bar, I am getting equal velocity as the factory-set AMP regulator but gun is now quieter with better shot count.

crishino - 15-03-2020 02:42

muy bien embalado llego super rápido a chile excelente producto recomendable al 100 %

Guy S - 11-02-2020 00:57

I could not be happier! Here is what the Huma Power Plenum did for my gun.

Gun- FX Wildcat MKII .25 Cal. W/7000mm Smooth Twist Pellet Liner A and Huma Regulator installed (300CC air tube).

Previous Settings:
145 BAR on Huma Regulator
Hammer Spring 8.5 turns In (MAX)
FPS-905 wih JSB King Exact 25.39gr
Shot count- 48 on 230 BAR fill.

Power Plenum Settings:
115 BAR On Huma Regulator
Hammer Spring 3.25 turns in (924FPS @ 4 turns and started dropping off plateau @ 905FPS 5 turns in).
FPS-905 wih JSB King Exact 25.39gr
Shot count- 64 on 230 BAR fill.

It is like having a new gun. It was quiet before (Donny FL Sumo Moderator) but is barely a whisper now. This should also give this gun the capability to easily push heavy pellets and slugs @ speeds > 900fps. In conclusion, 33% higher shot count, 26% lower Regulator pressure, increased capability, less wear and tear on gun, extremely consistent shot speeds and whisper quiet. I don't think you could ask for more. Damn fine product in my opinion!

mike - 04-02-2020 21:03

5 Star ;)

Gary B - 31-01-2020 01:21

Fantastic product. I bought this for a wildcat mk2. Very simple to install. Make sure you have some molykote or similar O-ring grease ready for when you fit the reg and plenum and follow the guide Huma have made and all will be well. For the performance, as you'd expect from Huma its flawless. I've found FX rifles to be very accurate out of the box but the difference these regs make is certainly apparent and for what you gain there a relatively cheap upgrade. As testiment to Huma this is the second reg I've had from them, the first being for a BSA R10 mk2 which is now outstandingly accurate and gives a fair amount more shots per fill. Thanks Huma!!

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