FX regulator tester gauge
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Mini pressure gauge for testing your regulator output pressure in the FX Wildcat airrifle.

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Mini pressure gauge 23 mm for FX Wildcat to check the output pressure of your regulator.


How does it work:

Unscrew the pressure tube of your rifle. Dryfire the rifle to make sure there is no pressure left in the action.
remove the brass de-presurize screw on the side of the action and replace it with our test gauge.
Then replace the pressure tube again and you can check the output pressure of the regulator after every shot.
When you are happy with the results you can depressurize the rifle again, remove the gauge and place the brass de-presurize screw back.



This is an universal pressure gauge what can be used on several airguns. Never exceed the factory advised fill pressure of your rifle!




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Rob Bradfield - 07-01-2021 11:20

Have gauge fitted permanently to my FX Wildcat MK2 .22 FAC running at 41fb with 25gr slugs.
Easy to fit, had to cut side of stock out to accommodate, simple!
Also have Huma-air XL power plenum and Reg fitted.
It works perfectly giving me accurate reading of what's going on.
And as we all know knowledge is power!!
Great product, great value, great service...….
What's not to like?

Daz - 11-10-2020 15:08

Quality gauge ..does what it says, accurately .
Quick service also

Ian Tunstall - 09-10-2020 09:06

Very accurate and very happy with the product thank you

BRIAN FURTH New Zealand - 10-05-2020 04:25

I haven't received the guage as yet but I have 3 rifles with Huma Regs fitter to them and all I can say is they are superbly accurate, this guage is to test the reg pressure in my FX WILDCAT AND MY FRIENDS ONES just to be sure the FX REGS ARE UP TO SCRATCH.

HUMA products are recommended to every air gun owner by myself and plenty of others.

Brian NZ

David - 23-01-2020 17:28

Excelent, took about 3 week to arribe to Chile, i cut the syntethic stock and permanently attached to the block. Great for the AMP regulated .30 cal wildcat

Deano - 17-03-2019 13:41

As others have done I made a cut out in the Walnut stock of my Wildcat to fit the gauge permanently. Now I can have peace of mind that the reg is behaving itself! It also looks quite cool wif da extra gauge bling!

mikehorta - 26-02-2019 19:36


Usama - 07-02-2019 19:17

Very helpful in setting up the regulator. A must buy.

W.L.A. - 11-12-2018 15:26

Excellent gauge. Essential for regulator adjustment in Wildcat air rifles. Small and compact but still very easy to read.

Alexander P. - 06-09-2018 14:37

I installed it and it worked perfectly, it correctly indicates the deposit pressure, now I know exactly what pressure my rifle has.
Thank you.

Andrés OLTRA BARGUES (Spain) - 02-09-2018 22:21

It is very good. Indispensable for the regulation and follow-up of regulator Huma.

CB - 09-08-2018 09:13

Good quality and really easy to install.
Highly recommended

Kari - 22-07-2018 21:26

Perfect fit. And real accurate. Showed only 1 bar less than my fill station.

Tom - 26-05-2018 22:09

Very happy with the products from HuMa highly recommended for the air guns community thanks

Greg - 21-05-2018 21:48

Very Accurate gauge, great for my FX Wildcat .25!

Robert - 17-04-2018 16:12

Gauge works great. I used a Dremel to cut a section from my Wildcat stock and now the gauge is permanently mounted. Gauge reads right with my 3" WIki on fill assembly

Frank - 22-03-2018 21:00

Ordered for my impact. wont fit on rear where Regulator valve is. It is a little larger and wont fit into cut out on bottom plate on gun will have to get a taller Delran seal to make vale clear.

Donné - 20-03-2018 14:34

I have two regs and two gauges for resp. my fx widcat .22 and my .25 and a reg tester. All products function flawless and I would recommend them to everybody. There was an issue with one of the gauges, but this was solved by a quick replacement under full warranty. Chapeau!

Louis Lomartra - 23-02-2018 00:41

I have now got 2 regs a few gauges for fx and a reg tester all products flawless I would recommend them to anyone

ken - 06-01-2018 18:13

great product by great company. It took about 2 weeks for delivery to florida. I replaced my two FX IMPACT manometers with these from huma .Easy change out perfect fit.They match the numbers on my fill tank more accurate than original fx gauges. Thanks HUMA

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