FX Impact Single Shot Loader By Huma-Air
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Our new re-designed single shot loader or single shot tray for the FX impact. For precise and undamaged loading of your selected pellets. Developed in cooperation with some leading bench rest shooters

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New designed single shot loader or Single shot tray for the FX Impact. (MKI, MKII, M3)

In cooperation with some of the leading 100 meter bench rest shooters we have re-designed our single shot loader to achieve the best aligned single shot loader for quick and undamaged loading of you pellets directly into the barrel.
The feedback we got on our earlier basic design was the trigger for us to modify and ad some new features for perfect loading of your careful selected pellets to maintain the best accuracy in the match.

We added a rubber o-ring inside the pellet tray tunnel to make sure the pellets won't fall out during loading under an angle.
The hinge of the single shot loader swings open with just a tiny bit of force, just enough to keep it open or closed during loading.
An small bumper was applied to the front of the casing so it always placed in the exact same position and it can't be pushed in to far
Due to the semi fixed position of the single shot loader, the barrel alignment is seamlessly attached to the single shot loader.
Because of this seamless connection to the barrel, the pellet skirt is perfectly protected when loading it into the barrel. Essensial for accuracy!
Fitting or removing this "fixed" single shot loader can be done within 30 seconds.

Check our fitting video 

High quality 3D printed.
Perfect for HFT and bench rest shooting and very easy to open and to use even with cold fingers!

Credits for the design for Mathias.


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GRM - 21-06-2021 03:15

Arrived in Australia within a week of ordering - very speedy!! The single-shot loader appears to be very well made and of high quality. I have not yet tried it in a FX Impact M3, because I am still waiting on the M3 to arrive - so hope it fits without any issues.

Juan - 22-04-2021 20:00

excellent product I recommend both the products and the huma air company

Colin - 22-12-2020 09:52

Works easy and strong build . Great produckt as always

Essa - 19-12-2020 03:08

Very durable good material nice finishing

val - 11-10-2020 00:07

i dont received it ...sobi reorder it 29.9.2020 and still awaiting for this lrale sent correctly the itema in 4 days ro greece ... so dissapointed

AirGun Oregon, Wayne Burns - 19-03-2020 18:18

We like this single shot adapter for the FX Impact better than the Rowan Engineering version. The Rowan one won't hold the 25.44 JSB pellets without clipping the pellet. These work great with larger pellets and operate smoothly. Also good service and quick shipping.

Joseph Mulhall - 01-03-2020 18:46

I have been a competition Benchrest shooter for 30 years. This product enables me to use my FX Impact as a single shot for practice keeping my eye sharp for my Benchrest competition. I would recommend it very highly.

Miklos - 23-01-2020 17:55

The Impact MKII single loader arrived quickly, was easy to install and works perfectly. Good service and good product.

Ken - 18-12-2019 23:06

I have bought 2 regulators and a single shot tray from Huma. They make great products at fair prices. It does take a while on shipping but thats to be expected on international shipments I suppose. I will continue to do business with them as they are a solid company.

Pedro - 08-11-2019 03:00

Gran producto, compre un 4.5, su material es muy resistente y su apertura o acción es suave pero a la vez se asegura bien al cerrarlo, al inicio me incomodó un poco el que debas sacar el cañón para poder ponerlo (creo sería mejor usar el sistema de Fx para mantenerse fijo), esto puede perjudicar a quienes quieran alternar entre cargador y esta bandeja monotiro, pero por mi está bien ya que solo deseo hacer tiro a silueta o field target.

Tiene buena profundidad, los jsb de 16gn caben sin problema y aún sobra algo de espacio.

pros. Material, Calidad en fabricación, seguridad al usarse.

cons. precio, necesidad de recorrer el cañón para ponerlo/quitarlo

Geoff - 21-10-2019 01:28

works spot on very good 10/10 The Huma single shot loader excellent product

Nathan - 20-10-2019 05:32

Excellent product, I have a Kraford and Lypt ones in some other calibers but I like the Huma one more. Well thought out.

Dale aka D-RIG - 07-10-2019 00:54

I would like to say that the 30 cal single shot loader I purchased is a
excellent product , it has the ability to fit larger slugs than the other
single shot loaders that I've purchased . The Huma single shot loader
is a winner . Thanks Huma Air .

Peter A - 25-09-2019 17:46

Excellent product, very well made and works exactly as I want it to.

Very precise fit and the loading block moves with the highest precision and very good solution to let the protrusion of the barrel hold the loader in place.

Ricardo Santos - 15-06-2019 21:42

spot on.. great product,great quality

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