High Flow Dual Hole Transfer Port And Pellet Probe Set For FX Impact
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High flow set, dual hole transfer port with middle support bridge and high flow stainless steel pellet probe to get the maximum airflow out of your FX Impact. Up to 48% larger passage area (.22) Devel

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High flow, dual hole transfer port and pellet probe set for your FX Impact,

In cooperation with some of the leading FX tuners we have made a high flow transferport with a middle support bridge what divides the transfer port into a dual hole port. This middle bridge makes sure the pellet or slug nose cannot fall into the enlarged transferport hole, but will be guided smoothly by the middle bridge into the barrel. This set also includes our high flow, stainless steel black, pellet probe. Together, this set will give the maximum airflow behind the projectile.  The dual hole transfer port has 48% larger air passage area (in .22)   

We have modified the o-ring groove dimensions and and locating notch of the transferport to be compatible with both the newest rifles as well as the older versions from FX. 
Before tightening the grubscrew that holds the barrel in the breech, make sure the barrel is adjusted properly so the magazine slides in and out smoothly.

Available in .22, .25 and .30


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