FX Impact High Flow V2 Dual Hole Transfer Port Set With Slug- and Pellet Probe
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High flow set, dual hole V2 transfer port with middle support bridge and high flow stainless steel pellet- and slug probe to get the maximum airflow out of your FX Impact. Up to 76% larger passage are

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High Flow, Dual Hole V2 Transfer Port Set With Slug- And Pellet Probe for Your FX Impact,

The successor to our high flow dual hole transferport;  we have managed to optimize and even enlarge the air passage in this new version 2 of our High Flow V2 Dual Hole Transferport. The V-shaped transfer opening makes sure you will have the maximum and smoothest air passage area. The middle support bridge divides the transfer port into a dual hole port. This middle bridge makes sure the pellet or slug nose cannot fall into the enlarged transferport hole, but will be guided smoothly by the middle bridge into the barrel. This set also includes our high flow, stainless steel, pellet and slug probe. Together, this set will give the maximum airflow behind the projectile.  The dual hole transfer port has 76% larger air passage area (in .22)   Medio 2021 the black color will be replaced by plain stainless steel.
These sets are developed for slugs and pellet use! and can be used in combination with our power tuning hammerspring 

We have modified the o-ring groove dimensions and and locating notch of the transferport to be compatible with both the newest rifles as well as the older versions from FX. 
Before tightening the grubscrew that holds the barrel in the breech, make sure the barrel is adjusted properly so the magazine slides in and out smoothly.

Please note:

FX uses a medium strength treadlocker to fixate the transferport to the barrel to prevent the barrel coming loose. We strongly advice you to use a treadlocking adhesive like Loctite® 2400 also
Any modification done to the airflow of your rifle, will affect the entire setup and performance, you might need to re-adjust the settings of your rifle again to get the best possible performance.

Available in .177, .22, .25 and .30


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We ship worldwide with tracked priority shipping. We ship these pneumatic parts well packed for safe and undamaged arrival in the country of destination. As the purchasing party you are responsible for checking that this product is legal according to your local laws and regulations. We ship on your behalf and therefore Huma Air can not be held responsible for any legal issues in the country of the recipient. You can pay safely and secure online by means of all major payment providers, like paypal, and credit cards companies.



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Panagiotis Antypas - 12-11-2021 17:25

Everything perfect.Massive change on my FX M3 .22.It needs the Heavy liner in order to have best results.

Stephen - 10-10-2021 20:23

Will the impact port and pellet probe fit the mk2 crown…

Robert Čerňanský - 02-09-2021 16:04

Increase in FPS at the same pressure.

MarkLondon - 21-06-2021 22:48

I have an FX Impact MKII .30cal with the STX Superior slug liner.
I had Chris at FX U.S.A. do a custom tune on my gun, so it was shooting really terrific...Later, I decided to add the Huma-Air High flow set, dual hole V2 transfer port with middle support bridge and high flow stainless steel pellet- and slug probe to try and get a few more FPS.
I knew that I would need to make some tuning adjustments but what I didn't expect was a 16fps drop when I did the new install...
The new Port and Probe did give me more air flow (I could hear that) to push my NSA slugs but with a reduction of speed... I contacted Marc at Huma-Air and he was very helpful in talking through the possible scenarios that could have given me the drop in FPS.
One thing we came up with was that the original port on my FX MKII .30cal was already larger in percentage than let's say the smaller caliber (.177-.22-25) The smaller calibers would notice a bigger difference in FPS compared to a .30cal!
Here is what I did: I turned in my Valve adjuster (at the front of the gun) to roughly 3.5 lines and also turned down my Reg to 115bar from 128-130bar making my gun more air efficient and that brought my FPS back up to what Chris had it set to at the start of this project...
My Final opinion: I am happy with having a little bit more airflow from the new Port and Probe because it allowed my gun to be just a bit more air efficient when I did a re-tune with the Valve adjuster and reg, while still keeping my FPS where I wanted it!

Thank-you Huma-Air
Cheers, Mark
Farm Pest Management

Steven Howard - 07-06-2021 16:24

I saw massive gains with this and the Power Tuning Hammer Spring. Even with the power plenum i was struggling to achieve over 850fps. Now I'm at 1085 with 15.89gr and 950+fps with 23gr!

John - 09-05-2021 18:07

5 star says it all

Chris - 03-05-2021 00:43

Excellent, fast shipping great product.

Emil Angelov - 23-03-2021 21:17

Works as expected. Support responded very fast. Recommend!

William Rawley - 01-03-2021 17:21

Just the pellet probe has added 30FPS - will add transfer port and report back...

DeadShot - 16-01-2021 20:33

Works great.

Aberto Hermoso - 17-12-2020 14:12

The high volume transfer port V2 and pellet probe increased the muzze velocity of my FX Impact MK II, 700mm superior barrel.
1. JSB 18.13GR. 1080 to 1108 fps
2. FX Hybrid 22GR. 995 to 1036 fps
3. NSA 24.8GR. 977 to 1007
I am ok with this

Geoff - 08-12-2020 23:48

Fitted to Sub 12
Had to decrease the pressure reg by 15 bar
So very pleased with this purchase
Also very quick delivery 3 days !!!
Thank you

Marcos - 07-12-2020 14:58

I am a customer of the store and in all purchases they are 100% .... I had a problem with the shipping of the last item I bought, but as always the after sales service is serving me very well ... I'm sure they will solve .. so I buy exclusively from them !!!

Braulio - 22-11-2020 20:58

Excelente producto le funciona muy bien a mi impact y llego en un tiempo mas corto que el que me esperaba.
100% recomendado

Dave Robinson - 20-11-2020 21:47

I run an FAC rated Impact Mk2 in .22 calibre and use 23 gn slugs pretty much exclusively. This little upgrade has meant I can run my regulator pressure 10 bar lower and still tune to get the same FPS as before, this means a few more shots per charge. Easy enough to fit. Beautifully made and a direct replacement for the factory parts.

Henrik - 10-11-2020 16:21

Great product, fits very well and fast shipping. 👍

Steve - 08-11-2020 16:03

The high flow v2 set works perfect didn't expect any different from Huma great product and fast delivery.

Georgios - 04-11-2020 17:33

Changed on both my .22 and .25 cals. Works like a dream, and on both cals about 20-35 increase in fps. And the Huma probe has not loosened it self once since installment, like the stock ones. 👌👍

Rene - 02-11-2020 10:23

Really boosted the velocity on my .22 Cal. Impact. Also thanks to Huma Air for the quick and excellent service!

Ray - 02-11-2020 09:38

Bolt on upgrade, instant increase in f/sec readings on the Cronie.. .
Well made, probe well matched to suit.
Highly Recommended.

Ray - 02-11-2020 09:38

Bolt on upgrade, instant increase in f/sec readings on the Cronie.. .
Well made, probe well matched to suit.
Highly Recommended.

Karl Harling - 21-10-2020 18:28

First class service and fast delivery, super quality product highly recommended 5 star service.

Loren - 15-10-2020 21:57

I added this kit along with the Power Plenum kit to my 30 cal Impact X and took it from a 78FPE rifle to a 98FPE rifle without touching any regulator pressures or tuning. Huma shipped both kits super fast to USA. As always a great shop to do business with!!

Angel - 14-10-2020 09:40

I received it yesterday on time, I just need to try.

Giorgos - 10-10-2020 23:40

First of all, I want to send a Big Thanks to Huma team that always return answers to questions before purchasing. I have purchased the kit for both my cal .22 and .25 and it the instalment was easy, by both watching the Krale video and by contacting Huma support before doing the mod, so I don´t screw things up.
On both Calibers it gave me an average between 15-20 fps more than using stock transfer port and pellet probe. On top of it all, the pellet probe sits firmly and does not loosen up like the stock pellet probe has the tendency to do.
I can only recommend this kit, if you want to get that extra out of your already sublime FX Impact MK II.
On that note I will also recommend to get the Huma Hammer spring if your Impact is equipped with a Power Plenum! Gave me further more extra power on all settings on the hammer spring wheel, so much power that when plinking in the backyard I had to adjust the hammer spring down to 23 m.m. and up the reg. pressure from 110 to 125bar.

Mirek - 02-10-2020 08:56

Again another good product from Huma-air. Money well spend. Great service as usual.

Tim Bolton - 28-09-2020 09:38

Not installed as yet but looks great kit

don h - 25-09-2020 05:23

good stuff ... very safe mod

Richard - 23-09-2020 07:54

Great bit of kit well made & speed went up by 74fps after fitting them.

Colib - 13-06-2020 14:13

Works great 👍 loving the black palet probe and easy fits on the barel 👍

High Flow Dual Hole Transfer Port - 12-06-2020 18:07

excellent addition to my fx impact easy install and increased my fps from 900 to 937 with no other mods.

Marcelo galvez - 12-06-2020 17:41

Hola! los productos son de un mecanizado excepcional, muy bueno materiales y acabados, la instalación nada complicada (hay varios tutoriales en Youtube) y el resultado... logre elevar automáticamente alrededor de 30 FPS sin hacer nada mas que cambiar las piezas. Con este cambie le podre entrega mas aire para mover ojivas especialmente en mi Impact X. Felicitaciones amigos de Huma

Colin - 27-05-2020 22:08

Helemaal super werken zelfs beter dan orgineel . Ze sluiten beter af rond de palet probe en o ring . Zeker bij ful power scheeld het 👍

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