FX Impact High Flow Dual Transfer Port
High Flow Dual Hole Transfer Port For FX Impact, FX Dreamline And FX Crown
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High flow, dual hole transfer port with middle support bridge. For maximum airflow: up to 48% larger passage area (.22) Developed in cooperation with several FX tuners. For FX Impact and FX Dreamline

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High flow, dual hole transfer port with middle support bridge for FX Impact and FX Dreamline

In cooperation with some of the leading FX tuners we have made a high flow transferport with a middle support bridge what divides the transfer port into a dual hole port. This middle bridge makes sure the pellet or slug nose cannot fall into the enlarged transferport hole, but will be guided smoothly by the middle bridge into the barrel. This dual hole transfer port has 48% larger air passage area (in .22) for maximum perfomance.  

Available in .22, .25 and .30


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Carlos Rocha - 08-04-2020 07:18

I’m very happy with the excellent quality the two holes transfer port is made. I’ve already installed it together with the power plenum kit and now my fx Impact is working just perfect when shooting slugs.

Rick Calcott - 02-04-2020 23:47

Fantastic replacement to my standard .22 version. Machining quality, fit and finish is superb and consistency is improved through a better, smoother airflow. You need to apply gentle heat to take the factory item off because of the loctite, but nothing aggressive and I left the breech o ring in place through the process. Very smooth pellet loading into the breech also because of the support piece - we’ll do e Huma.

Muhammad Usama - 01-04-2020 03:39

Excellent product.

Muhammad Usama - 01-04-2020 03:37

Excellent product. Gave an extra 30 fps above the Orignal transfer Port.

Rick Calcott - 31-03-2020 17:02

This modification works really well in my .22 Dreamliner classic. Pellet loading in to the breech is very smooth, and in conjunction with my Huma-Air regulator shit to shift consistency is excellent. Works well for me and very happy with the purchase, which was very quick to deliver and easy to instal. Just needs some gentle heat to take the original off the barrel and loctite the new one in place. No need to take the breach o ring off, just the two outside barrel seals. Tick in the box for Huma.

Tom - 28-03-2020 19:17

Brilliant upgrade to original and huge power gains especially in .22

Mika - 27-03-2020 19:39

Good product, but pellet probe is going to need some modification also.

Hannu Leino - 26-03-2020 08:46

Very well machined part

Ben Mcardle - 25-03-2020 11:57

Works great I ordered 2 of these 1 in .22 and 1 in .25 got them installed fit great and load butter smoth I be ordering a .30 cal one next very pleased my dreamline is up to 49.5 foot pounds of energy now in .22 shoting 26gn slugs very pleased great job Huma

peter - 25-03-2020 08:53

,allereerst (dit gaat over de dreamline , voor de impact heeft krale youtube filmpje) de O ringen voor verhitten op en in de oude transferpoort verwijderen,
1draai de demper of kartel moer van de loop af
2 draai de inbus schroefjes los 2 stuks
3trek de loop eruit en trek de mantel naar voren na deze los gedraaid te hebben op de liner .
4 verhit de oude brass/messing transferpoort en draai deze los montage , nou je kan de oude ook best met tang pakken ,want ik denk niet dat die ooit weer monteert wordt of gebruikt en wil je die oude redden gebruik dan pen in het poort gat als hevel
5 maak de nieuwe HUMA dual flow port vetvrij en de loop reinigen van de loctite resten en breng nieuwe loctite (Groene)aan op de loopschroefdraad draai de huma dual poort erop , stevig handvast is genoeg maak de O ring groeven schoon ,beste is nu om de loctite een paar uur te laten verharden of wat op de verpakking staat. en bij montage van de loop o ring monteren op overgang loop transferpoort , wat silicon vet op de o ringen ,
schuif loop in receiver en draai een beetje zodat een pen in receiver in groefje transferpoort valt .plaats eerst leeg magazijn en draai imbusjes dan pas vast niet overdrijven.rest weer monteren
tip en dan is het tuning tijd , met de dual flow wil je ook de plexum ,want met een fx plexum en of in combinatie met de huma reg en plexum kan de druk in plexum ruimte omlaag want je wil niet harder met pellets dan 285 m/s wegens schot precisie of daarom heen .lagere druk in plexum is ook goed voor de kleppen zittingen. buffers en dichtingen,wegens lagere stress.

samuel garcía - 24-03-2020 21:59

all fine, very nice respond

samuel garcia - 24-03-2020 21:58


samuel garcia - 24-03-2020 21:58


Samuel - 21-03-2020 15:05

I could try them by now. But all seems good!!

Dakota - 19-03-2020 17:29

Great product! Fitted this high flow transfer port and a hammer weight to my fx impact and gained 40 FPS!!

Ben Mcardle - 18-03-2020 23:30

Works great I got the .22 and .25 and will be ordering the .30 soon. Definitely increased performance in .22 I haven't tried the .25 yet but everything fits beautifully and loading was very smooth. These are currently on my fx dreamline with plenum and getting around 50 fpe in .22 with my reg under 145bar still so very pleased. Great job Huma!

Nicolas Alvarez Bruno - 16-03-2020 14:47

Excellent product,five stars

Tommy - 16-03-2020 10:09

Very good Quality and fast Delivery !!! Thank you Huma Team 👍👍👍 Tommy

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