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Huma-Air Regulator Tester
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Huma-Air regulator tester

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Regulator tester for the professional tuners among us.

With our regulator tester device you can test and service our Huma-Air regulators.
Check the proper working and cycling, adjust the regulator after a full rebuild or just experiment to find out the best pressure setting of your rifle.
The tester is suitable for a wide range of Huma regulators (see list below) and is equipped with foster male pressure input connection, a depressurize screw and has the possibly to do a checkup for proper venting of the regulator. It has a large 63 mm oil filled pressure gauge with clear scale. 
The input pressure is suitable for 200 bar and has a foster male quick connect coupler were you can connect your hose too.
For high durability we have used a combination of stainless steel and anodizided aircraft aluminum for the body and a bronze depresurize screw.
The tester is shipped in a box with proper insurance.

This regulator tester is not suitable for the regulator models below:

FX Boss/Royale regulator/Bobcat MKII/Verminator
Artemis PP700W regulator
FX Impact/Crown

BSA R10 regulator
BSA (SE) external regulators
Air Arms S200 / CZ200 External regulator
For the BSA,  Air Arms 200 and CZ200 we have a seperate regulator tester available



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Team Huma-Air

Terry -

Well made, so easy to use, I reset my Reg as it did not need to be so high but very easy with this Reg Tester.
Delivery was very quick.

Luboš -

Good day. The tester came to me at the estimated time. Quick delivery. I'm very satisfied with the tester, Very good quality of processing. Finally, I know exactly how to set up my regulatory. Never again without a tester !!! With the tester, check the correct function of the regulator. Do not bother over the cluster of this product, it really takes you a lot of time, air and pellets. Thank Huma ....

mao -

A must have ! With a chrony addition, choose your ammo and start to find the best settings for your needs ...Really precise and high quality build.

kahr40 -

Excellent product. Very easy to use and built extremely sturdy. I have multiple Huma regulators and this takes all of the guess work out of setting the regulator. This is a must have for anyone tuning their Huma regulator for their air rifle.

Humberto Lopez -

Excelente herramienta para medir y probar los reguladores HUMA, lo probé con el de mi Leshiy y resulta que la marca de 130 en la cinta tenía una diferencia de casi 5 bars, te ahorra tiempo en los ajustes y también te sirve para probar que el regulador esté funcionando correctamente al purgarlo y ver que se reestablezca a la misma presión

Paul Patten -

well worth getting , easy to reset the regulator after servicing or installing from new , save a lot of time and Air setting regs up

Jim -

A top quality piece of equipment, essential for keeping my guns well regulated, legal and getting the best out of the system.

Jim Wakeley -

A well made piece of kit that is a must if you want to tune your own gun. Takes the guess work out of the equation.
I have used it to set up the Huma reg on my Edgun Leshiy and it works a treat as confirmed by my Chronograph.
Many Thanks.

Ian -

I service and tune my own air rifles so a reliable tester is not an option, it is an essential piece of kit. The Huma regulator tester is the best example of high quality engineering I have seen in a very long time. It comes with a quality glycerine filled gauge which dampens any pulsation effects and pressure spikes, it is robust, well finished and built to last.

The innovative design means it is very frugal on air use when you have to perform repeat adjustments to get the regulator precisely set. Ordering is easy and shipping is fast, it comes well protected in it's packaging too.

I cannot recommend this product highly enough.

Curtis S. -

I bought this tester to verify that the Huma Regulator for my BSA Buccaneer was working correctly before I installed it and spent the time to rebuild the rifle. I also figure it will be useful for maintenance or other guns to which I add a Huma regulator. I used it to cycle the regulator using the relief valve, as shown in the video. The regulator would come right back to 150 bar each time, as the regulator was set. Today I finished installing the Huma regulator that was tested into my BSA Buccaneer, and the results were very good indeed.

eddy patterson -

super regulator tester mooie afwerking zeer degelijk gemaakt
en als er problemen zijn met de produkten van huma ,ze worden
netjes opgelost door de firma huma air,dit verdient een pluim
super bedankt
eddy patterson

C J -

Took about 18 days for the regulator tester to arrive here in the USA. Works perfect for testing Huma brand regulators. Well worth the money.

Rob T -

Arrived very quickly, even though Yodel managed to send the parcel Manchester instead of Surrey.
What I particularly like is that Huma are happy to sell you a reg checker, try getting one from any other manufacturer, impossible.
Very easy to use, extremely helpful when testing.

Sverker -

Perfect for what it is supposed to do.
I am very pleased, saves a lot of air when modifying.

Dana W -

Super solid unit. Very well made. Works perfect.

Chuck -

This Huma reg tester works perfectly! In my hand it looks more like it was made by a jeweler than a machinist. This quality is very rare these days and a joy to behold. This makes me very happy!
All the best, Chuck

PedroS -

A very well built item.
Sturdy, user friendly, a joy to use served with a high precision gauge.

Jun Cruz -

Very good quality and easy to use.

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