Inferno produces a wide range of precision airgun slugs for long range- or benchrest shooting and a special rapid expanding slug (rex) hunting slug with devastating impact. 

These hand-swaged slugs are forced under high pressure into a precision, diamond lapped die, to get the lead core the desired shape and surface. This process is done at room temperature, unlike casting, no heat or molten lead is used. 
Inferno precision swaged airgun slugs have an extremely high degree of uniformity and density, being able to make the same slug time after time, results in the most accurate airgun slug possible.

Inferno airgun slugs have an exact caliber diameter, measured up to 5 digits after the comma. By using precision equipment they ensure that weight is very consistent with less than 0.1 grain variance of the intended weight. There is absolutely no reason to weigh and handpick these airrifle slugs in batches for competition use, as is the case with the top brands of pellets and casted, or mass manufactured airrifle slugs.

Just like pellets, airrifle slugs weight, bearing surface, ogive, differs from each type and brand of slug. It is essential to experiment with different power settings, seating depth etc. to find the best settings and grouping for your rifle. 
That is why we offer test boxes of several types and weights of slugs to determine the best performing model for your airrifle

More info and testboxes are coming soon


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