LMBR R2 Shooting Chronograph For Airguns
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The LMBR R2 shooting chronograph for airguns is a compact build speed meter for measuring your pellet speed and energy. A must have for setting up and adjusting your airrifle for the best concistency.

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LMBR R2 Shooting Chronograph For Airguns

The LMBR R2 Chronograph is a compact speedometer for measuring speed and energy of your airrifle. An absolute must have when you want to set up your airrifle for the best concistency.
By shooting trough the LMBR R2 chronograph the display shows you the exact pellet speed and power of the rifle. The simple and decent design makes the chrono very easy to use.
The chrono can display metric (m/s) or imperial (fps) readings and it will calculate the power settings based on pelletweight and pelletspeed. It is suitable for arrows, airgun pellets and BB.
The R2 chrono is supplied with 2 AA batteries and it is possible to connect the R2 chrono with a external power adapter (optional). Also can it be connected to your PC with a USB to RS232 cable (not included)
The bottom has 1/4 UNC thread for mounting on a tripod.

We have an optional storage bag available for the LMBR R2 chrono what protects the measuring sensors against dust and keeps the chrono in mint condition.

The R2 chronograph has 12 months of warrenty and is produced in Europe


  • Size: 135x168x98 mm
  • Weight: 600 gram
  • Measuring opening: 48x65 mm
  • Velocity V [m/s] or [fps]
  • Kinetic energy E [J] 
  • Shooting counter
  • Average kinetic energy Esr [J]
  • Average velocity Vsr [m/s]
  • Minimum velocity Vmin [m/s]
  • Maximum velocity Vmax [m/s]
  • Absolut velocity dV=|Vmax-Vmin|
  • Standard deviation SV [m/s]
  • Pellet weight adjustable 0.01 – 25.00 g
  • Calibration ( settable distance between sensors )
  • Memory of 250 measurements of velocities
  • Transmision of velocity measurements to computer


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