Loctite 2400 treadlocker Loctite 2400 treadlocker
Loctite 2400 treadlocker Loctite 2400 treadlocker
LOCTITE 2400 Threadlocker Adhesive 5 ml
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Loctite 2400 Threadlocker 5 ml. A great medium strength threadlocking adhesive to fixate bolts, screws, transferports etc. Indispensable when you are working on your airrifle.
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Loctite® 2400 Medium Strenght Threadlocker Adhesive


Loctite 2400 is a blue, medium strength threadlocking adhesive. It has been designed to use on all your metal threaded assemblies.
It is indispensable when you are working on your airrifle for fixating bolts, screws, high pressure air connections and for example the fixation of FX transferports.
The adhesive cures when there is no air between close fitting metal surfaces. The curation time is about 24 hours and it has sealing characteristics.
LOCTITE 2400 bears no hazard symbols, R or S phrases, and does not contain any declarable carcinogens, mutagenic or reproductive toxicants (CMR substances) For this reason we prefer to use it over Loctite 243


Features and Benefits


Prevents loosening on vibrating assemblies for example
Works on all metals and passive substrates
Carries no hazard symbols
Does not contain any declarable carcinogens, mutagens or reproductive toxins
The thixotropic nature of the threadlocker reduces the migration of liquid product after application to the substrate
Release torque 20 Nm



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Jeroen - 21-08-2023 23:46

Top quality threadlocker, bought it to place the dualport and extender and the largeflow probe.

Alojz - 08-07-2023 08:04

Very well satisfied.

ilidio - 26-02-2022 11:35

Excellent and easy to use.