Mini pressure gauge 26 mm round body G1/8 BSP 5 1
Mini pressure gauge 26 mm round body G1/8BSP
Mini pressure gauge 26 mm round body G1/8 BSP
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Huma-Air pressure gauge 26 mm with round brass body. G1/8 BSP Never exceed the factory adviced fill pressure.

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Mini pressure gauge 26 mm. Round model

26 mm round pressure gauge with G1/8BSP back connection
Made of solid brass body, with a wide dial scale of 300 bar, suitable for a continuous working pressure of 250 bar.
The gauge comes with an o-ring for assembling the gauge into the socket, due to this o-ring there is enough movement to line up the gauge perfectly in eye position.


This is an universal pressure gauge what can be used on several airguns. Never exceed the factory advised fill pressure of your rifle!


When you order this item in combination with a regulator there are no sending costs involved.
If your total order only consists of this one item, we use standard untracked shipping to reduce costs.
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Dennis White -

Very nice gauge. Maybe PSI for USA market.

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