Mounting Set For FX Pocket Chrono Mounting Set For FX Pocket Chrono
Mounting Set For FX Pocket Chrono Mounting Set For FX Pocket Chrono
Mounting Set For FX Pocket Chrono
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This chronometer mount made by FX makes it possible to mount your FX Pocket Chrono to the accessory rail of your FX Impact or FX Maverick. Pocket Chrony is not included.
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Mounting Set For FX Pocket Chrono


This chronometer mount by FX for the Pocket Chrono can be mounted on the side accessory rails of your Impact or Maverick, after which the Pocket Chrono can be attached to it, instead of to the barrel. This prevents unwanted alterations to the point of impact of pellets, as tends to happen when the extra weight of the Pocket Chrono is attached to the barrel.

The FX Pocket Chrono chronometer mount is largely made of carbon fibre, weighing only 90 grams, and barely adds any weight to your setup.


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Salahuddin - 26-06-2022 03:38

FX IMPACT tuning much easier and more speed reading precision at every single shoot and every time by maintaining Fx radar at the same position and direction, it’s very useful and worth to have.

ANFRO LIMITED - 24-06-2022 17:16


Gareth - 12-03-2022 18:15

Works perfectly, but would be better if it had a thumb screw or quick release to use it.

Felipe - 06-03-2022 12:54

Very good Product. Working Properly.

Rik Heeres - 01-02-2022 16:04

Lovely peace to use! Quality is great!
One downside is that the screw is an Allen key. Whit the impact m3 being “toolless” I find this a missed chance!
The could have used a thumbscrew or the locking mechanism (clip on) the “expensive” bipods have.
Would I buy it again knowing this? Hell yeah!

Samir - 26-01-2022 21:20

Very useful