CZ 200 Quickfill
Huma-Air Quickfill For The CZ200
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Simple model quickfill with foster male quick coupler for the CZ 200 airrifle. Allows you to fill the pressure tube without unscrewing it from the action

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Huma-Air Quickfill For The CZ200

This quickfill can replace the original fill assembly of the CZ200 and is equiped with a foster male quick connect coupler.
When you place this quickfill assembly you won't have to unscrew your pressure tube from the action anymore when you want to refill it.
Just connect the foster male to your fillhose with a foster female quick-coupler and you are ready.

The assembly comes in a matte black finish, matching our regulator.


When you order this item in combination with a regulator there are no sending costs involved.

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