Quickfill adaptor for FX pressure bottle
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Stainless steel quickfill adaptor with foster male connection, to fill up your spare FX pressure bottle without losing any air when screwing it on- or off the bottle!

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Quickfill adaptor with foster male for filling up your spare FX air bottle without loosing air


This solid, stainless steel, quickfill adaptor with foster male connection can be used to fill up your spare FX air tanks. Our special design makes sure you do not waste any air when the adaptor is screwed on- or off the bottle so you will always keep the maximum pressure left in the bottle.
The same way you normally fill your FX rifle, with your scuba tank and fill set, you can fill up your spare FX air tank. Just screw the adaptor into the bottle, connect your fill set with hose to the adaptor and fill up the bottle slowly to the maximum allowed fill pressure, close your scuba tank and depressurize the fillset and hose and you are ready. The quickfill adaptor can be unscrewed on- and off the bottle without losing any air.

The quickfill adaptor for FX bottle's is also equipped with a M4 treaded hole where a headless M4 allen bold can be screwed in, to open up the bottle's valve so you can depressurize a bottle.

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Paul - 30-08-2020 21:58


Krittipong - 30-08-2020 10:35


Nicolas Alvarez Bruno - 28-08-2020 18:38

Excellent product

Peter S. - 27-08-2020 22:35

Perfect idea, great workmanship, very useful for somebody who owns more air bottles, big thumb up for this product!

Kevin - 27-08-2020 05:44

Great product easy to use and so convenient . Excellent quick delivery also great firm to deal with.👍👍 AAA++++

Zbigniew - 26-08-2020 19:50

Great product. It is excactly what I was looking for having more than 1 fx bottles

wendell scott - 26-08-2020 04:57

I have long waited for someone to come up with a safe manner of putting air in or getting air out of the FX air bottle with the valve installed. Huma-air has really designed a great product. I really did not expect to get my quick fill adapter so soon. I really thank you.