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Complete rebuild set for your Huma-Air regulator. *** WORLD WIDE SHIPPING PER ENVELOPPE ***

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A complete set of replacement seals and parts for your Huma-Air regulator.


Although our regulator is build with only high quality materials, a seal can wear during time.
Therefore we can offer you a complete set of the proper o-rings specialy for your type of regulator.


The set contains:

A double replacement set of seals for the regulator piston and the set screw.
All external o-rings of your regulator.
A replacement specimum of our special delrin valve disk.
A syringe with our high quality silcone grease to lubricate the internal regulator parts.


What do we need to know:

  • When you order a rebuild set, without ordering a regulator, please mention the type of regulator you have and the aproximate year of purchase.
  • For the Edgun Leshiy owners: there are 2 models available, please mention the correct type in the order field. (12-6 or 15-8)
  1. Our micro model regulator with just 1 o-ring groove on the body, with a 12 mm bronze piston and 6 mm setscrew (12-6 model)
  2. Our standard high power and the12 ft/lbs model regulator with 2 o-rings grooves on the body, with a 15 mm bronze piston and 8 mm setscrew (15-8 model) 


Shipping & payment

To reduce costs we ships these spare parts in an untracked enveloppe.

You can pay safely and secure online by means of all major payment providers, like paypal, and credit cards companies.


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David J Price - 21-12-2021 10:35

Good Quality

Reed Thorkildsen - 15-12-2021 22:49

Every needed to optimize my regulator performance!

Chris K - 06-12-2021 06:03

Haven’t used these o-rings yet bought as spares

Peter Boyse - 27-11-2021 17:41

Purchased a regulator rebuild seal kit for my HUMA Vulcan regulator, which also includes both air cylinder cap seals.

Perfect fit and a nice service kit, which includes a file of high quality silicon grease.

Ranieri. - 21-10-2021 22:35

Kit o-ring regolatore di pressione, Gamo Chacal, perfetto..
Grazie Huma..

Ľuboš - 26-09-2021 21:28

Satisfaction. Thanks also for the delrin reels.

Gerasimos pollatos - 17-09-2021 07:33

Good service

E Turner - 31-08-2021 22:19

Very pleased with the kit, and great price.

Ken - 18-08-2021 20:54

Rebuild kit was great. syringe with lube not so much. I guess I pushed a little to hard and shot out a big gob.

Arthur Brewster - 25-05-2021 20:06

Great service Marc was very helpful with my order and fast delivery

Istvan Toth - 19-05-2021 17:08

Professional quality, I can only recommend.

Chris Harris - 14-05-2021 20:18

All my rifles run Huma regulators.
First class products, that are reliable , easy to install, setup and service.
Excellent customer service all round.
Thank you .

Shane E - 21-04-2021 15:47

It came very well packaged. All the o-rings are there to rebuild your regulator. I like that it came with a syringe of silicon oil.

Gergely Schmidt - 13-04-2021 10:34

Excellent service as always, will buy again

Alex - 01-04-2021 10:08

Great service to client, the kit and everything I need to service my regulator.

John Elve - 07-03-2021 16:31

Exactly what I needed. Price is reasonable. Arrived in USA sooner than expected. Old reg is new again.

Nigel spooner - 05-03-2021 00:31

The regulator kit provided all the seals needed to repair the unit as you would expect, it also came with a small syringe of lube which made it easy to apply. With quick delivery and reasonable pricing I was more than happy with this kit👍

Jesús - 12-02-2021 18:58

Todo perfecto. Muy buen servicio.
Gracias 👌

Alex McLean - 01-01-2021 12:40

A good repair kit with plenty of seals and a little silicone oil. Easy to fit and fixed the air leak. A good video on you tube by XTX makes it a simple repair. Delivery was a little slow but that was due to Christmas post chaos. It was also very well packed.

Geoffrey Gould - 14-12-2020 20:06

Have had many regulators and repair kits and all have been excellent quality and have worked faultlesly.
Highly recomended. A major plus point is that the air cylinder remains standard with no need to drill a hole.
Kind regards.
Geoffrey Gould.

Drew - 12-11-2020 15:30

Website very easy to navigate and find what you need. Delivery time was very good and the seals were great quality. Also they had an instructional video for anyone that was unsure how to service their regulator. Highly recommended.

Geoffrey Gould - 09-11-2020 12:51

Hello I have used Huma regulators for a number of years, the best reason was that I did not have to drill a hole in the air cylinder. They have always provided excellent quality and accuracy, Early Daystate 10.95 to 11.1 FT-LBS, the quality of customer service can only be described as excellent +.
Very very pleased. Combined with fast delivery can not be beaten.
Thank you.

Neil - 06-11-2020 16:15

No problem, very easy to change.

Andy - 02-11-2020 20:02

Very helpful indeed 1st time dealing with huma and it was a pleasure

Daniel petrie - 31-10-2020 11:05

Very good tbh and any questions i needed to ask they was very help full

Ian - 26-10-2020 20:47

Excellent Company to deal with, great products and fast shipping. Probably the easiest regulators to service out there! Many thanks to all at Huma Air :-)

Istvan Toth - 12-10-2020 15:43

Excellent product and quick service.

L. Rafe Jordan - 08-10-2020 11:45

I only needed 1 of the o-rings in the pack (i didnt know that till i started taking it apart and it was obvious which 1 blew). So i didnt go any further. Back to good as new. Got to North Carolina pretty quick, just like the regulator did originally. I use my Reg alot. I have 3 air thirsty pcp. Dragon Claw, Sumatra, Eagle Claw. I use a 74 cu ft tank. So the reg comes off/on alot. I made some mistakes in the beginning. But i still got 8 solid high mileage months out of it w/ out an issues. It actually goes a little lower now and covers a wider spread. I may have turnt the screw, it also goes higher now too. Before it was set for itll go from 140b to 280b. My Sumatra is tuned for 210b, The Dragon Claw for 250b My Eagle Claw for 160b, so this works out. Im happy

John D - 15-09-2020 12:05

Excellent customer service and product, fast delivery. Highly recommended.

Dai jones - 07-09-2020 09:31

Top quality products and services, I have never had a problem with this company. All ways helpful and fast delivery.

Pieter G - 07-09-2020 07:41

The best of the best service and assistance from Huma Air. Quality products, pain free tansaction.

Stuart - 06-09-2020 12:21

Good service

Terry Johnson uk - 12-06-2020 12:31

Easy to order. Fast delivery. I had a small air leak in my air gun just needed a new seal thanks. Terry

alan - 10-06-2020 20:36

Great service from huma have there regulators in all my air guns easy to service with good info on there web site

Steve W. - 01-06-2020 15:01

Fast delivery,excellent product and for very little money.Has cured my R10 problems.Highly recomended.

Andy - 25-05-2020 12:05

everything required to reseal the reg, very simple job. Fast dispatch and delivery.

Sidney - 22-05-2020 18:57

All received ok i like having two sets o orings plus lubricant, i made a tool with an M3 thread for removing the insides of the regulator plus circlip plier and changing the orings was quite easy, the other one was ok to do just measure how far out it is before removing it, and put back the same. I have never done this before, very impressed withthe service.

Steve - 27-04-2020 16:25

Excellent product!

Paul Franssen - 24-04-2020 14:44

It is just as a spare, i did not break any o rings during the installment of the huma regulator. It would be nice if huma could deliver all o rings for all the airguns. Most people don't know where to get them for most brands, seems to be difficult. When i opened my (almost new) gun i saw that some o rings of the gun were damaged, and i could have damaged them even more by taking them out to install the regultor. I guess everybody would be happy to pay a bit more to also get the o rings of the gun and not only those for the huma. Anyhow, the huma rings seem to be fine.

Kevin Hoey - 17-04-2020 22:32

Excellent product and quick service. Many thanks.

Johannes - 26-03-2020 18:49

All according to expectation
Regulator service was easy with instruktion pdf

Tim - 11-03-2020 18:28

Sent promptly and all seals to overall regulator, easy to fit

Anthony Ramm - 25-02-2020 18:10

The rebuilder kit for the regulator arrived in great condition no damage what so ever

Mohamed ElSerafy - 23-12-2019 07:12

Very good quality

roger - 10-12-2019 23:42

Haven't used it yet ,........ just got it for a spare when I ordered the regulator .

Andrew - 02-12-2019 23:42

Great product and great service well done guys, Andy.... York uk

Miloš - 22-11-2019 10:59

Nice package of spare orings and grase. After change it, everything is back to perfection. I recommend the seller and their products.

Franco - 25-10-2019 04:01

Excellent price for an excellent product thanks huma

Antony O. - 22-10-2019 10:19

It is cheap and very good

Werner - 11-10-2019 17:12

perfecte service en goede uitleg.
Vlotte Levering.

Bob Evans - 10-10-2019 00:26

easy to strip and fit these seals, i always keep a spare set in my competition toolbox but due to the reliability of the regulator i have never needed to use them but will be servicing the reg very soon, excellent product

Eddie - 06-10-2019 15:45

This is a must to go with the human regulater . As always with human you get quality and value for money

William - 09-09-2019 10:05

Spot on with a few extras as well and worked like a charm. Will definitely buy again.

Leonard Smith - 08-08-2019 08:21

Brilliant product ... Fantastic service ... Carried out by Professional people.

poncik-evo - 19-06-2019 22:44

prodotto ottimo semplice da sostituire , nessun problema!

Demsy Wiyadharma - 11-06-2019 17:09

Just received the package today. All the supplied parts look good and shipping is spot-on.
I won't hesitate to shop from Huma Air again.

De Wit Rudy - 29-05-2019 19:06

Perfect product, perfecte service en heel goede uitleg.
Ken hun product reeds van het eerste uur en steeds tevreden

Rudy Belgie

mike - 08-03-2019 04:11

Great products everything was a perfect fit just need to get out and do some testing .

Elizabeth Kieren - 17-02-2019 21:04

I live in the United States and ordered this rebuild kit directly from Huma-Air and it arrived very quickly and unharmed by the journey.
I haven't used the kit yet because I bought it for when I might really need it. I've had the regulator in my air rifle for about a month now, and I have to say that I'm very impressed with performance and quality. In fact it has actually improved with use and the pellet velocity increased a little as the regulator began to smooth out. Cannot overemphasize how much the accuracy improved with this product.
Thank you, Huma-Air


Sandro - 10-02-2019 20:47

Everything included for rebuild included for easy maintenance.

Usama - 07-02-2019 19:18

Was shipped quickly and exactly as ordered

Dmitriy - 29-01-2019 14:35

All at the highest level, excellent quality.

Paul Patten - 10-12-2018 08:41

Initially sent the wrong kit but this was sorted out very quickly, easy error Daystate Renagade & Regal mix up , the kit is very easy to install takes about 15 min's including cleaning every thing off. My main gripe is why not etch the markings on the Reg , the stick on tape markings I found loose inside the cylinder , having purchased a Reg Tester to over come this , the reg was set to 125bar for my Renagade after sending an Email to find out the correct setting, and now works fine , had it set at 90 bar which is to low for the Renagade, Prompt reply's to Emails , and all seems to be well.

Andrés OLTRA BARGUES (Spain) - 02-09-2018 22:24

I do not believe that it makes me great lacking, the regulators Huma are very lasting and without breakdowns. His quality and his small size allow you to take it without problems in the bag of shot for other uses.

Jan Johansson - 17-07-2018 21:53

All perfect. Top quality.

Stewart - 19-06-2018 20:04

Very good product works very well

Erik - 01-05-2018 22:41

Thankyou Puma-Air!
Exellent quality.
Fast delivery,

Danny.V from AZ - 15-04-2018 00:04

Thankyou guys so much. Shipping was fast to Arizona. Packaged well.
Could not ask for better service.
Thankyou guys.
Danny.V from AZ

StefanMD - 01-04-2018 14:50

Ordered this kit to rebuilt regulator that has some problems after several years of use. Replaced the o-rings and teflon disc, adjusted the pressure and its good to go. Thanks

Geoffrey 4/2/18. - 04-02-2018 12:03

Hello, I have just refreshed a regulator for my AA. 200S. Very fast delivery and quality parts. Take your time and it is a simple job.
Many thanks HUMA for quality customer service.

Could not add any stars? Would be 5.

STEPHEN - 13-10-2017 08:56

I ordered the regulator seal kit and it arrived within 48 hrs so that was a great start. I stripped the regulator and found I needed a little advice via the contacts pemail and that was responded to very quickly. GREAT SERVICE. Many thanks.

Maoln - 22-09-2017 00:54

This kit came with the regulator for free. I haven't used it yet but I really like it - in case I have to rebuild the regulator I have everything I need coming in handy. Thank you Huma-air!

Frank - 07-08-2017 17:58

complete set for right price... fast delivery

Shun Mu - 23-05-2017 10:45

Good quality,i'm very like it.

Istvan Toth Hungary - 10-04-2017 22:25

Accurate, fast delivery. Excellent quality.
Thank you

ALFIO G. italy - 09-02-2017 08:17

With this kit and 'guaranteed the full assistenza.
Prodotti Huma are of excellent quality' I recommend them to everyone.

all its 5 star

Annius - 02-02-2017 11:53

Excellent communication and help.
Quality product, so no doubt, for the total product 5 stars.

Saeed - 18-01-2017 07:35

many thanks to HUMA
all its 5 star

Lukas - 13-01-2017 17:37

Very nice product and good quality..
Thank's a lot!!

Hans Hjort - 26-12-2016 19:34

Nice that there is a kit you can get that includes all necessary parts to rebuild the regulator. Thumbs up.

Tom - 19-12-2016 16:51

Top service, top contact, great technical support!

Gilberto Manoel dos Santos - 16-11-2016 15:12

Produto adquirido recebido muito bem embalado, de ótima qualidade recomendo, pós venda de ótima qualidade pessoal muito atencioso fiquei muito feliz!

Dimitris M. - 05-11-2016 14:35

Have installed a Huma reg in my Air Arms S510 about a year ago.
Top notch product that made an already excellent rifle,even better!
Highly recommended!
Thumps up Huma team

Saeed - 22-10-2016 16:08

thanks to HUMA-AIR
the product more than recommend all its 5star

Raül H - 10-10-2016 23:07

Perfect for rebuilt Huma regulator.

Luis M. - 04-06-2016 10:56

well packaged, all correct.

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