Huma Regulator bellevilles set
Replacement belleville spring set.
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Replacement belleville spring set for your Huma-Air regulator

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A complete set of replacement belleville springs for your regulator.

The set contains all neccecairy springs for a total rebuild of your regulator.
You can choose the desired pressure range in the options


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WGSmith - 04-04-2020 16:20

Had previously purchased the extra-high pressure version of the HUMA regulator for FX Impact. But after installing an external plenum and trying to dial-down the regulator pressure for higher shot-counts per fill, was noticing significant regulator ‘creep’... It would start out at the desired pressure, but would drop significantly as the bottle pressure decreased approaching the Reg pressure.

Installing the new belleville springs intended for high pressure in the 110-165 bar range gave me the shot count I wanted at lower pressure (with the higher plenum volume), without the regulator creep I was experiencing.

Instructions for installation were very easy to follow, especially when coupled with watching available YouTube videos on exactly how to do it.

Mino - 11-03-2020 15:52


PHU HUA DUC From Viet Nam - 06-02-2020 10:22

Nice communication, all is well, got what I asked, top quality.

TeGuH ASMi - 28-01-2020 04:40


Sandro - 10-02-2019 20:49

Bought standard and high pressure set, perfect combination.

Sandro - 10-02-2019 20:44

Nice communication, all is well, got what I asked, top quality.

Luis - 02-08-2017 18:11

Simplemente perfecto.