Huma Regulator setscrew
Replacement pressure setscrew.
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Replacement bronze pressure setscrew for your Huma regulator

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A replacement pressure setscrew for your Huma regulator
(the setscrew includes the airflow restrictor)

Please select the correct size of the setscrew in the option field.

- Standard setscrew 8x15 mm.
- Mini setscrew 6x12 mm for: FX Boss, FX Royale, FX Bobcat MKII, Artemis PP700, P-rod regulator 2017.
- External inline setscrew cap.


When you order this item in combination with a regulator there are no sending costs involved.
When you order spareparts only, we use standard untracked shipping to reduce costs.
If you prefer tracked shipping, you can choose "tracked shipping for spareparts"  in the option field in the shopping basket.

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