Rover 300 bar PCP Compressor Rover 300 bar PCP Compressor Rover 300 bar PCP Compressor
Rover 300 bar PCP Compressor Rover 300 bar PCP Compressor Rover 300 bar PCP Compressor
Rover Air Compressor 300 bar 4500 Psi
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Rover portable 12V / 220 V PCP Air compressor 300 bar for filling your airrfile. Oil free, digital display, low maintenace and automatic shut down.

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Rover High Pressure Air 300 bar 4500 Psi PCP Compressor

Because we ourselves are quite skeptical about the proliferation of all kinds of compressors, we were pleasantly surprised when we were offered this compressor from one of our suppliers to test it out.
After extensive testing in our workshop we have found that this Rover compressor is excellent for directly filling the pressure tube or bottle of your air rifle. The compressor runs smooth with low noise and with this compressor you won't have to buy any expensive air bottle or scuba tank with fill set etc.
The compressor is not designed to fill up large air bottles, and as long as you respect this, you will enjoy this compressor for a long time.

This Rover 310 bar PCP air compressor is ideal for filling your air rifle pressure tube or pressure bottle up to max 600 cc.
The 12 V DC or 220 V AC connection makes it possible to use the compressor in home or on location on 12V from a car's battery.

The low noise compressor can fill up to a pressure of 310 bar. It works with a oil-free lubrication system what makes it a very low maintenance model and it is equipped with a overhead temperature sensor what will shut down the compressor when it would be to warm
The maintenance sequence is well described in the English user manual.
An automatic shut down can what can be adjusted on the digital display so the compressor shuts off when the setpoint is reached. (Never leave the compressor unattended)
Manual water and oil seperator.
A fill hose with a moisture filter with extra fillings and an foster female quick connect coupler is included.

Important note:  The Rover air compressor can only be used for filling your airrifle pressure tube or pressure bottle. It cannot be used for breathing air cylinders or scuba cylinders 


  • Max Output Pressure: 320 BAR
  • Adjustable Output Pressure Setpoint
  • Automatic Shut-Off
  • 12 VDC- 230 V AC EU plug
  • Air Cooled
  • Output hose ends with female quick disconnect fitting
  • Integrated output filter with bleed valve
  • Very quiet  during operation
  • Length – 330mm 
  • Height – 150mm
  • Width – 230mm
  • Weight – approx. 8 kg
  • Warrenty; 1 year (carry in)

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Erwin Fraanje - 05-01-2023 18:09

Gisteren besteld, vandaag in huis. Weer een goede en vlotte levering door Huma-Air
Ondertussen 3 x een buks gevuld van 100 naar 300 Bar, dit gaat zeer eenvoudig, vlot en zonder problemen. Prima compressor.
Zeker een aanrader.

Bedankt Huma-Air.