SPAW: 2nd At Extreme Benchrest Competion 2019

Huma-Air congratulates Ken Hicks of Southern Precision Air Weapons (SPAW) with his great results in the Extreme Bench Rest Competition 2019

Ken Hicks of Southern Precision Air Weapons (SPAW) proves not to be just an excelent shooter, but he also has tuned and prepared his FX Impact MKII himself with his own "Power Tune" and our Huma-Air regulator into a top condition to get this fantastic result at the Extreme Benchrest 2019 Phoenix.

Huma-Air is proud to work with SPAW as reseller of our products and offering high end tuning to your airrifle.

Check out the official page of the Extreme Benchrest 2019 Phoenix or vistit the Ken Hicks his store at Southern Precision Air Weapons

  Huma-Air     24-11-2019 11:13     Comments ( 1 )
Comments (1)
 Jan Johansson -  17-01-2020

Thats great!!!